A Tortoise and Boxer Video for a Sunday… and a Wrigley/Bodhi/Llama update.

Sometimes on Saturday nights, I don’t have much to say…

Except that I’m kinda pooped.

I figured many of you might not feel like thinking much come Sunday mornings.

I know sometimes I mostly feel like rolling around the house and doing comfortable things – reading, drinking coffee while chatting, smiling with Hubby.

Speaking of Hubby, He sits in bed on Sunday mornings with one of his many devices propped on his chest and finds things on the Internet that make him laugh.  Last Sunday he forwarded two videos to me that he thought you readers might like.  So, I’m including them today so you can watch them, if you’d like, on this Sunday morning.

Also, for those of you who have been asking about Bodhi’s abscess, Wrigley’s puncture wound and the new Llama, I wanted to share the updates (thanks for asking!)



Bodhi’s abscess has healed.  The vet still feels it was one of his glands.  He also thinks that this gland might erupt several times until whatever was infecting it is all gone.


But, at least I know what to look for and I know how to open it up, clean it out and help it heal.  (I used warm water and Sore No More The Sauce, then I applied Sore No More Cooling Clay to draw it out and then I slathered on Equi-Spa’s The Balm to keep the flies away and help it heal.)

Here is a pic of Bodhi while he was grazing and the Llama had called after him.  Bodhi had never heard her call and he was mystified and very alert!

(We think we will call her Audry after Audrey Hepburn.  She has big beautiful brown soulful eyes and has a very fine build… with short hair on her head.)


This is Bodhi who was out grazing and heard Audrey the Llama call after him. He wasn’t sure what was up!… He had never heard that before! None of us had!


Wrigley had a severe puncture wound right above his stifle.  The vet said that the position of the puncture was only a hair away from doing  major damage to his joint.  And, he feared an infection could start and get into the joint.  So he did a major irrigation, added topical antibiotics and injected him with two major antibiotics.  I was also feeding him powdered antibiotics for a week.

Two days after the injury, Wrigley was prancing around and trotting over level off both ends.  He felt just fine.

Thank Gosh for good vets.  When I looked at the wound originally, I didn’t think it was that bad.  But, I called the vet anyway.  And, I’m so glad I did – I have learned to not mess with anything near a joint – even if it doesn’t look like it is interfering.

The wound isn’t totally healed, but it is getting there.   It has been 8 days.

Wrigley’s wound after the vet left. A deep puncture wound.


Several days later, the wound is healing from the inside out. Wrigley is running and playing just like always. He is fine, thank goodness!


I keep slathering it with THE BALM to help it heal and keep the flies off. It is sooooo hot here.  You may wonder why I put so much Balm above the wound – that is because the heat makes it melt and flow down into the wound.


The Llama:

The Llama we rescued for Bodhi is still out of sorts… but she is settling in.   We’ve decided to call her Audrey.

Audrey will now come over to me for pets.  She loves her grain and especially likes oat hay.  I fetched fresh rose petals and blackberry vines which she didn’t eat – while I was looking.  But, the blackberry vines were gone later…  She wouldn’t eat the carrots I gave her but Bodhi did.  Bonus Bodhi!

They are across the fence from each other.  When I took Bodhi out, she called after him.  He didn’t know what she was saying, but he listened.

I sure hope they become friends.

I really like her.  Audrey is very thoughtful and kind.  I love her huge eyes.

We sat down together and I told her all about every horse on the ranch.  I told her about the sole donkey.  I told her about the dogs and all the cats.  She looooves the cats.  We chatted about the turkeys and about the coyotes and racoons and skunks.

She listened politely.  I swear she looked at me the entire time.  We sat on the ground, me talking to her like girlfriends, her face about 18 inches from mine.

I think my chatter was a comfort.  I believe she knew I was trying to communicate and she seemed to appreciate my effort.  After our sit-down, she let me pet her head and all over her face.

That was nice.

I need to find a treat she really likes… she hasn’t touched the rose petals even though all the books say that rose petals are the shiznaz for Llamas.  Sigh.

Audrey the Llama. She reminds us of Audrey Hepburn.



These are the two videos that Hubby thought you would like…


Don’t worry – in the beginning, you think the Boxer is being rough on the tortoise – and then you see the tortoise come after the boxer and keep coming back!  The boxer never makes real contact and the tortoise is hellbent on getting the dog.

The owner says that they play like this all the time – and it is play.  (Please no letters.)

I believe this is play because I had two huge red-ear sliders (water turtles) when I lived in Oregon and they loved to tease and bite my Rottweiler.  It drove her crazy!  They all loved it.  She (my dog) would sit at the pond and ask them to come out and play – and they would.  When the session was done, the turtles would climb back into the pond.

Here is the link to this video, or you can click on the image below.

Click image to watch the video!



This video sent Hubby into titters.  Maybe it is because he is ex-military, dunno.  But he loved it!

The animation is amazing and incredibly time consuming.  Great effort here!

Click here or the image below to watch the dance video!

Click image to watch the video. Pretty awesome!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. KD

    The Green Army Men made me giggle….especially the solos. :-) Tell hubby thanks!
    Glad all the critters are doing well.

  2. Deborah Carlino

    Love Audrey! Such a sweet face! Tell your husband, great videos. I love inter species play. The soldier video was totally awesome!!!

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