The LLAMA is here! Poor Girl. The first night is always the hardest…

Bodhi’s Llama friend arrived today!

In case you missed it, Hubby and I needed to find a friend for Bodhi because he fights with all the other horses.  I hated the thought of him being alone so we decided to find someone who needed a home who wasn’t a horse.

Hubby wanted a goat but he didn’t want to put up any new fencing.  So, we decided on a llama because they would respect the fences.

And, lucky us, while at the California State Fair, we learned of a llama who had one floppy ear and needed a non-show home.


Her name was Princess Maidu.  She was black and not quite 2 years old.  Her breeder was willing to sell her very reasonably but stressed that she had excellent fiber.

We set up a date for me to meet her, which I did.   And then we set up a date for her to be delivered.

That day was today!

Checking out her new digs


I took all kinds of pics today and I was feeling really good until I just went out and checked on her before we turned all the lights off and came inside for the night…

I had to remind myself that the first night is always the hardest.

What started out as a glowing day of excitement and fun, suddenly turned fretful.

She was fretting.  She knew night was on its way and she was becoming concerned.

Where was she?  Where were her friends?

This wasn’t fun for her anymore…

It was fun to explore and eat!! (Look at Shiva photobombing in the back!)


I should know better.  I’ve been through this so many times.

At first, being in a new place is exciting and refreshing.

But… then they realizes that they are alone and no one is coming to take them back home.

My heart is kinda breaking for her right now.

I know she is fretting

No one here can comfort her.

I wondered if I should have gotten two .. but that would have defeated the purpose of her hanging with Bodhi.    Yowsa.  This is hurting us both right now.

She is eating but also watching…. Where is she and where are her friends…? The first night is always the most rough.



Bodhi seems to be totally OK with his fretting new friend…

Well, not at first.  Bodhi was frightened and mesmerized when he met her.

I’m not sure if he had ever seen a llama before.

After running to the other side of his pasture and then tippy-toeing over to stand behind us with his head higher than it has ever been before… he settled and quite liked sniffing her.

She sniffed him back.

They actually stuck their heads through the fence and did some sort of neck snorfle.

Then they retreated and ate their separate piles next to each other on opposite sides of the fence.

Ahhhhh, I thought this would work out well.

They were eating together…

Bodhi got over his fear and tried his best to snorfle her anytime she came near.


She arrived in a regular minivan.  The interior seats had all been removed and she was sitting on a carpet in the back.  Her breeder opened the slider and she popped right out – head straight up, taking it all in.

To my surprise, she marched right up to her pasture next to Bodhi.  We opened the gate and she walked right in.  We then walked the entire pasture so she knew the boundaries.  I filled her water tank so she knew where it was.  Then we removed her halter.

She took off like Dora the Explorer!!

In the bushes, out of the bushes, on a rock outcropping, down to the fenceline, up to the corners… she tasted everything!

Missy Llama was contented.  She even sat down and took a nap.

Her breeder felt very comfortable and drove away feeling good.

I went inside feeling good.

Dora the Explorer! She had sticks all over her freshly groomed coat! (I removed them.)


And one stuck to her leg…


A few hours later, she was still comfortably resting.

I gave her dinner right next to Bodhi and they munched together on opposite sides of the fence.

Missy Llama sniffed all the cats but the kitties were too frightened to hang around.

She was fine.  Happy, even.

But then night started to approach…

Where am I?… Am I safe?



As I sit here, my heart breaks for her.  The last time I checked on  her, she was making this honking type of fretting sound.  Over and over.

I keep telling her that this is a great place and her life will be good… but she doesn’t understand.

Tonight, she is lonely and afraid and insecure.

I begged the cats to hang with her.  I told Bodhi to watch out for her.

And, I said a prayer to the St. Llamas in the sky requesting their presence tonight – to flank her little scared self.

I will keep you posted…

My heart breaks for her… she doesn’t know that her new and different life is about to unfold.


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. RiderWriter

    Awww, she’s so pretty! I don’t see anything wrong with an ear, either? Anyway, I have questions:
    What is her name, or do you get to pick one?
    Why is her coat “uneven,” ie long on chest and neck, short on rump, long “pants” on hind legs? Is that a show clip of some sort?
    Is she friendly? Can you pet and/or love on her?

    I can’t believe she was in a minivan… :-)

  2. may

    Just wait, Miss Llama! You and Bodhi are going to be the bestest of friends. :)

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