Today, should be the last day of this major heat wave.  So, most likely I will be watering down the horses at around 3pm and telling them all that this is almost over.


What goes into those “perfect” Instagram Tik Tok photos.

I love this.

So Amazing.

Is this real? A painting? AI? I wish I didn’t have to ask…

Amazing photo by NV Wild Photography

Interesting concept.

I love the creativity of people!

Secretariat as a baby. Look at those legs!!

This is real. This is a real 3-hour old baby. (I would have thought this was a stuffed animal!)

Artists amaze me.



This is an adorable pic. I see how pitbulls are both endearing and at other times, scary

Very interesting!

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Today it will be HOT.

Many of you are experiencing hot weather right now.  I’m not a fan, mostly because I have animals.   So today, I will probably spend time making sure they are as comfortable as possible.  I already burned out my swamp cooler (it was probably on its last legs anyway) but I do enjoy making sure they have cool water during the hottest hours, and that they can have a run through the sprinklers (me holding up a hose with a nozzle) if they desire (some do, some don’t).

Finn and Missy Miss in front of my now defunct swamp cooler. They were loving it for as long as it lasted.


I love these happy endings

The nail color is photoshopped… but I thought it was cute! Courtesy: Howie the Crab

Just look how relaxed he is… feet dangling. Love this.

Before all the modern equipment and climbing gear, I bet this spot was a huge temptation for people to become creative.

I know this is probably AI, but I do love it.

This photo was taken of San Francisco’s Cliff House in the 1950s. This was before I was born… but it still holds true for me because I remember it like this… The Cliff House was just 5 mins from where I grew up. We would go up two blocks, hit the ocean and go right a few blocks. The Zoo was around there, too. We could ride our bikes up there but we didn’t because it was so windy. Funny… in SF, we lived right near the beach but no one went there. It was cold and too dangerous. The rip tides were epic. Our parents warned us to never go into the ocean. Everyone knew not to go near Mother Nature here. But anyway, this pic is nostalgic for me because all those buildings are gone now.  (PS, a rare warm day in this area of SF.  I grew up in fog.)

OMGosh these two are so adorable. Mama is so proud and baby is so squished!

Made me laugh. It is a regular sized tack room door, I’m sure.

A very loved up wild family. Credit: Dakota grown horses

Yes, please… although I don’t like breakfast food … Hubby does!

This is Tahoe. I live an hour away. I need to go there more often. Hubby bought me a season pass at a local ski area for 2025 so I better heal up fast!!

Anyone?… If I lived closer, I’d take all the dogs de Bordeaux (within reason). I sure loved my English mastiffs.

Yes! If this was an AirBnB, I’d book it!

Perfect. A perfect image.

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