Up and At ’em!

I told you all about how windy it is here up on this hill… and how the large shelter in the large pasture – went boom!  In case you missed that story, here it is.

Hmmmm.  If it is that windy, maybe I need to move where I put the shelter, next time…   Truthfully, just about everywhere you stand in that pasture, you feel wind when it’s windy.

But, there is a stand of trees outside of the paddock that break some of the breeze, so I figured that would be the best place to put up the new shelter.

Note to self:  It is amazing what you learn (how much smarter you are) after you’ve lived in a place for a couple of years….

This month, I purchased a 16 x 8 shelter and the guys came to set it up!   I love getting things done!

Anyway, now, when I bring Dalton home, I will have enough cover for everybody.  I could have brought Dalton home now, but I want all my options available, in case he doesn’t get along nextdoor to Annie, I can put him next to Finn instead.  It will be easier for me to jockey everyone around now, since all of the paddocks have adequate shade and shelter.

Phew!  I’ll be bringing Dalton home sometime before Aug 1.


The guys arrive – on a windy evening…

We decide to use the fence as the anchor on the one side with the trees. We will use Tposts for the other sides.

They brought their dog. She’s really sweet.

I took this in the shelter of the trees… I so wish the sun was on the other side of these trees so the horses would have natural shade… but the sun is on the other side. The trees I planted are still too small to throw shade. You can see them in the background.

The horses have the best view! The original owners should have built the house on this hill! Instead, the horses have a 360 degree view of Paso Robles wine country! (We did put up the panels and shade cloth, but I didn’t take any pics because this was prettier.)  Note Marty’s Alley of trees in the background.  They are actually taller than Hubby, they just look really small.  I fertilized them all today.  29 trees up there that will, eventually, shade this pasture.


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Some news…

So for a couple of years now, I’ve had a ‘hitch in my giddyup’, so to speak.  And, I’ve had a slight limp (off and on) since my Lyme diagnosis in 2010.

It all came on rapidly in 2010, but after my initial bout, I have managed the Lyme fairly well… My hips would hurt or my knee would hurt or I would have difficulty getting in and out of a car… but I’d get better – so I didn’t think much of it.

However, over time, (…it is amazing what you get used to if it comes on slowly.  Kinda like gaining weight slowly.  Gaining weight over 4 years doesn’t seem as noticeable as when you gain it in 4 months…) it got worse and I didn’t notice.

That’s what happened to me.  It all happened slowly over 9 years… so I just went with it.


As I was meeting Dalton at Sweetbeau Horses and riding him over there in the last several months, I noticed that it really hurt to ride.  Hmmmm.  I figured I was having a Lyme flare.  So I had my physical therapist work me over.  And, that helped.  But the next day, I was sore again.

Then… we went to Wyoming and I could hardly ride.  Mounting was pain, sitting on a horse was pain, and trotting… well, NO WAY.

At that time, our friend, who is a spine surgeon, arranged for a cortisone shot so that I could enjoy my time in Wyoming.

But, it didn’t stop all the pain, like I was told it would.  Hmmmm.  Only the pain on the OUTSIDE was reduced.  The pain on the INSIDE (groin) was still there.

So… when I got home, I called my DR to ask for a referral to an orthopedist.  She highly recommended a DR (whose wife is a horse person!) and I made an appointment for last week.

I went on Friday.

The DR was kind and took an Xray, which they have to do for insurance purposes before they do an MRI to look at soft tissue injuries like I thought I had (IT Band Syndrome and Labrum tear).

Well… after reading the Xray, the DR walked in and told me that I didn’t need an MRI because he could see the issue on my Xray.

??  (He didn’t look excited or happy for me…)

He continued that when he ‘can see it on an Xray,  it is very clear and indisputable’.

??   What is clear and indisputable?

He said that I had the hips of a geriatric woman.  The constant inflammation (Lyme) had degraded my soft tissue and bone.  At this point, I have bone on bone and most of my hip socket is gone.  He told me that I’m like a big dog with hip dysplasia – and that I needed to be careful not to dislocate my hips.

He said I needed double hip replacement.  Soon.

Even though I’m not old enough to receive a double replacement (because they don’t want you to outlive your new hips…), he said he thinks we need to do this asap to get my quality of life back.  He told me that ‘nowadays’ it is much easier and I’d be back to work in 2 weeks.

He told me that I must have a high threshold for pain to tolerate the disintegration in my hips.

It is amazing what you get used to…


So.  Well then.  I decided to show the xray to another DR who agreed.  Crap.  But, on the other hand, at least I know what is wrong with me and that it can be fixed – which is awesome.

Like my friend said, “Now you will be BIONIC and you’ll feel like a million bucks!”

I have to do 2 months of physical therapy (for the insurance to be approved for surgery) and then I’ll probably have the procedure around Christmas, when the AirBnB is slow – but before the end of the year so our insurance deductible won’t be so bad.

My inner voice has been playing tricks with me about it all… Like, will my shoulders be next?  Will the Lyme eat away at all of my joints?

I put those thought away and thought about all the times I’ve been off balance lately.  How I tend to not want to do much with my horses on ground that isn’t level.  I’m not as coordinated because I am guarded – guarding where it hurts.  And, I’m always tired.

Constant pain makes you tired.

It all makes sense – now.


And so… this is why you haven’t been seeing me ride for a while.

I never, ever, ever thought this was what was wrong with me.  I’m shocked – in shock – but coming to terms.

I’m so glad I didn’t know this before I agreed to adopt Dalton, or I would have been inclined to not adopt until I was better, and I would have missed out on an incredible horse.

I’m excited to be me again.

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