Is it WRONG to want to call her Rama Llama Dingdong?

Alright, I already know the answer.  Yes, it is wrong.

But, I cannot help singing that when I walk up to her pasture.

“C’mon Ramalama… Where are you RamaaaaaLlaamaaa.  Raaaaamaa Llaama Ding Donnnnnng!”

Just in case you are unfamiliar with the song, it is from the 50’s and was sung by THE EDSELS.   I know the song because it was used in the movie, American Graffiti.

OKOK, I WON’T CALL HER THAT – to her face…

But, I’ll probably always sing it if I am going to her pasture.  I cannot help singing to Missy Llama when I’m trying to locate her in the bushes of the upper pasture.

Here are the lyrics:

“Rama Lama Ding Dong”

Oh oh oh oh
I got a girl named Rama Lama, Rama Lama Ding Dong
She’s everything to me
Rama Lama, Rama Lama Ding Dong
I’ll never set her free
For she’s mine, all mine
Oh oh oh oh
I got a girl named Rama Lama, Rama Lama Ding Dong,
She’s fine to me,
Rama Lama, Rama Lama Ding Dong
You don’t believe that she’s mine, all mine
I love her,
Love her, love her so.
That I’ll never, never let her go.
You may be certain she’s mine, all mine,
She’s mine all of the time.
Oh I got a girl named Rama Lama, Rama Lama Ding Dong
She’s everything to me
Rama Lama, Rama Lama Ding Dong
I’ll never set her free
For she’s mine, all mine

Me petting Audrey!! Progress!



Today is the day that I might open the gate between Bodhi and Audrey.

They like each other enough.  She calls to him when he leaves.  He likes eating with her.

They don’t fight.

He gets really jealous if I spend too much time with her, so I have to be careful.

Bodhi also likes to bite her wool through the fence, which kinda concerns me.

I can’t say that I blame him because her fiber is really soft and fluffy.  However, he has teeth.

So… I will watch them like a hawk, if I do it.

But first…

Here are Bodhi and Audrey. They eat together. They don’t fight… She misses him when he is gone. He likes to bite her fiber – hmmmmm. Are they ready to be together?


OK, I’m no fool.

Of course I’m going to speak to Bodhi beforehand.  I’ve decided to contact the animal communicator I wrote about a while ago, Candi Cane (yes, her real name), because it couldn’t hurt and could help.

Previously in a recent conversation with Bodhi, Candi Cane gave us awesome insight to all of Bodhi’s woes – and things have gotten way better since I’ve implemented some of the tactics we learned during the initial session.  Bodhi had a lot to say.  We listened.  He’s happier.

I swear.

So, my appointment for our consultation with Bodhi is at 9am tomorrow (today for you readers…) and I will talk to Bodhi about Audrey – and then decide if I will let them together.

To be honest, I know Bodhi wants his larger pasture back.  I closed the gate between the two pastures that Bodhi had taken over and he was upset.  He likes both of the pastures together, not just one.

Again, I can’t say as I blame him.


The other horses are terrified of Audrey.  They watch her.  They watch her so much, they aren’t even using their special horsey shower that I have for them on these horribly hot days.

Instead, they stare at the llama.

Actually, it is only Finn, BG and Wrigley that are fascinated by Audrey.  The others don’t care.

But, Finn, BG and Wrigley also have the best view.

I snapped these photos of Finn and Wrig, standing in a very odd spot in their pasture, obsessing over Audrey.

The other photo looks simple enough but is very, very special.  You see, Finn never ever lets Wrigley eat with him.  But, he does when there is a huge, scary llama nearby…

Very sweet of him.

Finn and Wrigley in an odd part of the pasture, staring at Audrey the Llama.

Finn watches me as I stand flabbergasted that he let Wrigley eat with him… Very scary Llama creates strange alliances!


Many of you are concerned over Audrey’s wooly coat and the 100+ degree weather here.

Well, she seems to be liking her kiddie pool.

Yup, I went out to the local hardware store and bought her a personal pool.

She didn’t know what to think, especially since I initially placed it in the exact spot that she liked to sit next to her water.  OMG.  You’d think I had attacked her or something.  She was furious.

I had never seen a furious llama – kinda funny but not really since I felt badly for her situation in general.  I mean, she was ripped from her large herd and put here.  There are no other llamas and everything is new.  So, I didn’t laugh outloud.

Anyway, I immediately moved the pool to next to her spot.

She liked that.  I found her with a wet neck.


So then I decided to keep the hose on just a tiny bit in the kiddie pool.  In this way, it overflowed just a little bit all the time.

She sat in the wet spot.


When she came to dinner, her entire underside and front were totally soaked.


She has her own personal belly lake!

Audrey in her favorite spot.  I keep the hose dribbling in the pool so it is always slightly flowing out and underneath her. She has a wet belly and chest.  This seems to be keeping her cool on these  horribly hot days.


She looks like the Loch Ness Monster sitting up there.


Here she is miffed with me because I left her. She doesn’t want to acknowledge me, but she doesn’t want me to leave. Silly girl.

Look at that face and Llama smile! She likes for me to pet her under her chin.

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Gerrie

    I like Ramma Lamma it is fun and llamas look fun or at least funny in a good way, and the lyrics go with her. I was also wondering about the floppy ear. They look all up and pointy to me.

  2. MET

    I think she looks very happy! And she’ll be getting a lot of one-on-one attention – bet she didn’t get that with her herd. :)

    Please post what animal communicator says. Should be interesting.

  3. peg

    I havent seen a floppy ear.. The Llama show people must have really strict standards..
    Ramma Lamma sounds fine to me… and to her,as long as dinner comes with it :)

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