Did any of you miss Yanaha’s story?  If so, you can read it here.

Basically… he (allegedly) cut out her genitals because she wouldn’t breed his stud.  She sat in a field like that for 3.5 weeks.  Now she is in the warm hands of Rockport Horse Rescue being tended to daily.  Yanaha’s vets have created a protocol to heal her wounds and are now working on finding the cause for her right rear leg lameness.

(See below on how to get the Sheriff to arrest the known perp.)

She needs our help to heal.

Yanaha is alert and doing well.  But, they need to figure out what is wrong with her right rear leg... She needs an MRI but the travel to Texas A&M will probably cause her wound to split open...

Yanaha is alert and doing well. But, they need to figure out what is wrong with her right rear non weight bearing leg…


Yanaha is doing incredibly well – considering…  The wounds on her front leg and female parts are healing.  She is eating, drinking and very alert… grazing, playing and whinnying.  Yes, she can urinate but it runs down her leg.  Eventually, when she heals (and pushing doesn’t hurt), she will be able to deficate normally.

Rockport Horse Rescue and their veterinarians have been very busy trying to ascertain the next move for her recovery.  The challenge is her non-weight bearing right rear leg.

Xrays of her leg show no damage to the bones, which is good.  But, they need to find out if the issue is a soft tissue or nerve injury.  (They believe the knife cut or nicked a tendon, ligament or nerve.)

Once the decision is made on the next protocol, Yanaha will have to travel to get to the big equipment.  The problem with trailering for Yanaha is that she tends to split open her incisions around her excised female parts when she travels.  So, they are not real keen to have her travel – yet they know it is in her best interest to use the finest diagnostic equipment medicine has to offer.

Yanaha on Sunday.

Yanaha on Sunday. You’d never know what she has endured… by looking at her here.


What a funny girl!


I’ve taken this information directly off of the Rockport Horse Rescue Facebook page.  You can also follow along with update on that FB page as well.

“UPDATE:  They know who (allegedly) did this to Yanaha!  TIME TO TAKE ACTION.  ACCORDING TO THE HERALD NEWSPAPER:
 “Please take two minutes and call/email Sheriff Moody of San Patricio County and tell him we demand justice for Yannaha! The Herald newspaper named Arturo Aleman of Gregory as the person who “allegedly” did this but no arrest has been made. The district attorney can not prosecute without an arrest and a case to work with. Sheriff needs to be pressured into making an arrest! Please help.
Call Sheriff Moody: 361-364-2251
Email Moody: smoody@co.san-patricio.tx.us
Email Administrative Assistant Diana: sp.admin@co.san-patricio.tx.us “


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Look at that face!

Look at that face!

newrule2EVERY CENT OF THE PROCEEDS VIA  JEWELRY WITH A PURPOSE  THIS  MONTH WILL GO TO YANAHA.  Click here to view via the JWP website.  Click here to view via the JWP FB page!

CLICK IMAGE TO READ HER STORY:  OCTOBER BUCKET FUND MARE - We are raising money for "YANAHA" so she can have an MRI.  - He cut out her genitals because she wouldn't breed...-  CLICK IMAGE TO READ HER STORY!

CLICK IMAGE TO READ HER STORY: OCTOBER BUCKET FUND MARE – We are raising money for “YANAHA” so she can have an MRI. – He cut out her genitals because she wouldn’t breed…- CLICK IMAGE TO READ HER STORY!



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  1. Hazel Fipps-Mann

    I e-mailed Sherriff Moody this morning, respectfully requesting that the persons involved with this crime be charged and arrested.
    Good scientific studies show that people who do this kind of thing are likely to do the same to other people. While this only cautionary, can we afford to look the other way when we see something as horrendous as this and wait for these “men” to do something else equally as awful or worse?
    We as civilized, moral, ethical people must take a stand. Let’s support our law enforcement people and encourage them to do the right thing.
    I also donated what I can afford to the shelter. I encourage you to do the same.

    All things bright and beautiful. All creatures great and small. All things wise and wonderful. The Lord made them all. (James Herriot)

  2. dawndi Post author

    Robin: Horse & Man is the blogger. Rockport Horse Rescue has the information. I will update as soon
    as they tell me the current status.

  3. Robin

    I called Sheriff Moody this afternoon but got no answer or a voice mail to leave a message. It rolled back to the woman who originally answered my call. She asked why I was calling and when I told her, she said “This case has been turned over to the DA. You will need to contact that office for further info.” So can the admin of this page please clarify for the thousands of us concerned about Yanaha who want to see justice prevail … has an arrest been made????

  4. shirley smith

    Justice for this poor horse today please. How awful! What is wrong with people!

  5. Lisa Cuculich

    Sheriff Moody, seriously? You are an officer! SWORN to serve and protect. It shouldn’t take THIS for you to know you need to do the right thing! Areest this man , proseute him to the fullest extent of the law, and NEVER allow him to have or hurt another living creature again!

  6. Jacqueline Fitch

    Disgusting! What is wrong with people. Causing this pain and suffering.

  7. Julia S Ferdinand

    Animal cruelty is now a felony crime the same as murder or assault.. these people can be prosecuted
    with full extent of the law.

    Sweet horse who didn’t deserve this atrocious cruelty. I hope the bastard rots in jail.

  8. Candy Fletcher

    Dear Sheriff Moody.
    What are you waiting for? If this were your property you would have been so quick to do something. This sweet horse needs your help. Let’s get on the ball and arrest this creep. PLEASE!!!!!!!

  9. Kathy Pyeatt

    Sheriff Moody, please do the right thing & arrest this man. I have only been in South Texas for 2 years but I am appalled at the amount of horse abuse going on around here. His wife or children will be next so do everyone a favor & get him with NO bail. For Yanaha.

  10. Randall Kiss

    Evil is alive and well in this world and will reign supreme as long as good people stand by and do nothing. Time to decide on which side of the line you stand on. As a Texas political once put it, “the only thing in the middle of the road is dead skunks and yellow stripes.”

  11. Randall Kiss

    Mr. Moody;
    Evil will reign supreme as long as good people sts

  12. Jennifer

    Sheriff Moody,
    We all know what a good man you are. You are well liked and respected. Make this right!!!!

  13. Lori clayton

    Dear Leroy moody, Please arrest these monsters, Don’t let them get away with hurting that beautiful horse or the OTher animals God has given us to protect.. .They are heartless and Don’t deserve to be in the general public . Please do the right thing. Thank you

  14. joan roya

    Mr. Sheriff and Mr. District Attorney

    when is enough enough??? this is one of God’s most precious creations…and we man are suppose to be their ambassadors…not a piece of scum of the earth that would do something like this ….to a horse…an animal, or to a being….this person should be punished…and set an example…that this crime will not happen in your area…under no situation…thank you…God bless

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