Lookey who is wearing a halter!!

Tuesday, March 16th, 2021 | Filed under Updates

So the new donkey jennys (Ethel Merdonk and Princess Buttercup Pebbles) came here unhandled.  They learned to take cookies fairly easily, of course…  but wearing a halter was another story.

Cookie/halter training started last week.

First they get a cookie if they touch the halter with their nose.  Then they get a cookie if they let the halter go over their nose.  Then they get a cookie if they let the halter loop over their nose and they don’t move.  Then they get a cookie if I can throw the rope-end over their necks… then they get a HUGE ATTA GIRL and a cookie if they stand still for me to tie it.

Well, today was HUGE ATTA GIRL day.  Both ladies allowed me to put on their halters and tie them.  They actually wore the halters for a few minutes and neither one shook their heads or reacted, although Ethel did sniff the halter on Princess.

Next lessons, picking up feet.  The farrier comes March 30th, so we have a lot to accomplished!


Ethel Merdonk. She was looking for her cookie. The farrier comes on March 30th, so we have a lot to accomplish. She needs her feet trimmed.

Ethel sniffs Princess’ halter. The Pony King Rocky Balboa and Sir Dalton look on from the next paddock. You can see my hands at the bottom of the frame.

Two very good girls!

Mo and Missy Miss look on. They want cookies, too. Interest is high.

Who could resist those faces?! Of course they got cookies, too.

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  1. Alexis

    Love love love these sweet donks! They are so smart. I think you need to put up a “donkey cam” so the rest of us donkey fans can get our longears fix every day that there isn’t a post about them. Right? Yeah!!

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