I’m this tall.

Thursday, December 31st, 2020 | Filed under Updates

During lockdown in California (my work is closed – ), I’ve decided to paint my single story house.

So far, so good.

A kind reader gave me a few hints about how to paint around bushes by using plywood to push back the bush (I used a flattened, large, cardboard box).  Thank you.  It worked great!

Anyway, I’m making my way around the house.  First I pressure washed it – well, I did that until our pressure washer broke – now I’m just using a hose and nozzle on ‘jet’.

As you can see… (hand motion)… I’m this tall.  Second round, I will use the ladder.

I had to trim around the roses and citrus trees. The hardest part was the area underneath the silver box on the wall.

The backside of the AirBnB portion of the house. You can see how tall I am.

The garage. The horizontal pieces are way easier to paint than the original vertical boards on the AirBnB part.


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