Saturday is PhoBlog Day! Penguins, Drive-Up Windows, Adorable Puppy and Silly Equines!


Is it me, or is this penguin video hysterical?!  I laugh every time I see it so I thought I would share it here.  I really want to add this to my professional signature but I don’t think it would be warmly received…  I love this!

OK, Onto the PhoBlog!

1)  OMG.  Is this the most adorable photo of this puppy?  How could it be cuter?  I think this is a testament to Lynette Smith’s skill as a photog.  Here is her website.  I just had to post these two shots.  Cute, Cute, Cute!

2)  Drive-Up Window,

Anybody in there?

Don't leave in disgust, I think I see her!!

Don't leave in disgust, I think I see her!!

Again…. I don’t know why I find this so humorous.  The pony gets on his tippytoes and peeks in to see if anyone is manning the window.  He sees no

I'll have an Alfalfa juice and for my little buddy...

one so he leaves in disgust.  But, wait, Gabe the Wonder Horse is taller and sees someone!  Ah ha!  The Drive-Up is Open!

3)  Sweet Horse Photo!  I don’t know where I got this on FB, so if this is your paint horse in the snow, please let me know.  So sweet!

4)  I thought this ribbon


gaff was very chucklyworthy!  The little girl is so proud and the horse is giving the camera his impression of a camel… or maybe he is just as proud and wants to make sure his mug is in there!  Love it!


5)  Last but not least, here is a photo of a woman, laying in a stall with her mini horse on her left and her Great Dane on her right!  I also added a pic of the Dane sitting on the mini.

What did you eat? You weigh a ton! Get OFF!

The mini’s expression is priceless, “What did you eat? You weigh a ton!  Get OFF!”

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