Saturday is PhoBlog Day! New Puppy Blues, Rodeo Days, Donkey Fright and a Surfing Dog!


BEFORE WE GO INTO THE HAPPY PHOBLOG, I WANTED TO ALERT YOU TO WHAT IS HAPPENING IN OREGON TODAY.  THE WARM SPRINGS INDIAN RESERVATION IS HAVING THEIR ANNUAL HORSE SALE.  THEY ROUND UP WILD HORSES ON THEIR LAND AND SELL THEM.  But the only purchasers in the past have been meat buyers or rodeo horse trippers.  Many of the horses go for $5 – $10.  The horses that don’t sell are shot.  I’m not making this up. Read the article here.  Anyway, a wonderful woman from EOI (Equine Outreach – a 501 (c)3 ) is going to the sale.  You can go to the EOI website and donate to help her stockpile funds to rescue as many as she can.   Also, there are several FaceBook pages set up right now as people are scrambling to help her raise funds and to foster what she can save.  If this moves you, please read the article, the EOI website and the FB Pages.  Do whatever you think is right for you.  I just sent some money but she still doesn’t have enough to cover them all, their transport, housing and medical.   I think she is an angel for creating this firestorm to save these poor wild creatures from a very bleak future.  I thought you should know about this…  Thank you and feel free to cross post this anywhere.

Saturday is PhoBlog Day!  Today we have a hodgepodge of photos I’ve gathered this week.  I hope you enjoy them!

1)  This sheep cowboy photo was shot by Ron McGinnis.  You should go to his website because there are many more and his landscapes are to die for!  I just thought this was hysterical!

2)  I loved this shot of the Shire, Brenda Lee, and her little friend, Lucy.  It was taken by Jodie Sinclair.  She is also a professional and her website is here.  I actually got this off of Facebook.  Lucy and Brenda’s owner takes both of them swimming on a regular basis!

3)  Hubby found this Donkey Bray on the Internet and passed it over to me to put in today’s PhoBlog. So typical of a donkey to stir things up!  I love it!  I need to show this to my Norma!

4)  Here is my friend’s new puppy.  Her older dog, CoCo, is not too happy about the arrangement…  I absolutely looooove the expressions!


HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!
If you want an update on the Iron Man Rescued Foal Bucket Fund or to donate, please click on the photo (photo credit, Trish Lowe)

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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