Saturday is PhoBlog Day! Lounging baby, surfing dog, parrots, running mustangs and more babies!


ANYONE WANT AN LG BRIDLE?  I am making an order on Tuesday…  Please let me know if you want to get in on this shipment from Germany.  We already have enough people to get the price down to $120 each plus shipping to your address from my house, whatever that is.  Email me if you are interested:  Here is the link to the LG Bridle post.


Saturday is PhoBlog Day!  Today, another hodgegodge of great snapshots.

1)  I’ll start off with these adorable babies.  I love baby season…

2)  Next we have a shot of gorgeous parrots mid flight.  Lovely!

3)  This is one for Hubby.  He likes surfing dogs.  I got this on MSNBC.

4)  Another adorable baby.  This one was raised by Shirley Allen.  This baby grew up where our June Bucket Fund baby, Iron Man, grew up.

5)  A glorious photo from Tamara Gooch, as always!

6)  Did you see this story on

Click for the story of this awesome rescue!

MSNBC about the rock climber in Utah who discovered a dumped or fallen puppy who was 350 FEET DOWN INSIDE A CANYON alone doing circles in a tight little area?  OMG!  This climber just happened to be climbing down into this particular canyon and saw a black shape.  He thought it was a calf, the puppy was so boney.  When he realized it was a dog, he climbed 350 feet down to meet the dog then went back up and got food and water from his car, climbed back down and then back up to go into town to call for help but got none.  So, he found a local vet and borrowed a cat carrier.  Then, he went down again and pulled the dog back up the 350 feet and brought him to the vet.  They feel he was 24 hours from death.  Wow!  It is nice to have those kinds of stories.  Here is a link to the video.

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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