Saturday is PhoBlog Day! Fire photos and a warthog by a fire…

Saturday is PhoBlog Day!

Hubby is home after being gone all week so we are going to do chores (yay…) and visit some friends this evening.  I have to make an appetizer which is always a challenge for me.  I’ve got a recipe and all the ingredients.  Wish me luck (and our friends!)  ;)


I love this one! So exhuberant!


Very Pretty!


I found this on FB and thought it was very sweet!


This is a Texas wildfire victim in an equine hospital receiving treatment. I found this on FB. If anyone knows how he is doing, please let us know. Obviously he wa


This shot that I found on FB really made me stop and count my blessings... I hope they were all safe. That fire looks very menacing.


Read the story... cracks me up!




Little EQ victim


Bunny Jumping is catching on!




GREAT face!


Here is Cupcake the Herdmaster keeping the flies away!


My favorite! I would hang this on my wall.


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. peg

    I’ve got some fire photos (taken from the newspapers) that will scare you to death.
    I don’t have your email (deleated it)
    This fire was about a mile away,but the wind was from me to it.. I could just see me trying to outrun a 40 mph wildfire in a 4mph power chair!
    About 34,000 acres burned,at least 1,500 homes gone. 2 people killed. Many animals got out,many didn’t.

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