Saturday is PhoBlog Day! Lots of Hair, Pony Express, a Sunset and a Sand Dune.

I have no idea what I am doing today… either visiting Paso Robles or riding Finn with his new socks.  Dunno.


This is Anton 343 Sport. I found this on a European FB page but he actually lives in the US.


I'm speechless.


I love the Salvadore Dali tail!


I got this from a movie horse wrangler who is in the cast of the Pony Express Documentary


This one cracks me up. Everything look authentic until you see the skinny jeans and the water bottle...


A mature zedonk


I thought this donkey and child were adorable.




Poitou donkeys



This came from a French FB page. I liked the composition


I snagged this from a video of these two playing together.




This is one way to raise awareness





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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. luna6killer

    Many people work hard to keep lots of hair – manes and tails – on their horses and yes, in order to keep it like that, it’s braided and/or wrapped in bags – only way to keep it from disappearing. I’ve seen horses in the show ring with tails dragging several feet behind them. Check this website out for an even more extreme set of hair!

  2. RiderWriter

    Ok, I say horse abuse on that Friesian – come ON, the poor dude has to burn up in the summer with all that hair on his neck! And how does he not step on the forelock when he’s grazing? I guess maybe they could keep it all braided up… I dunno. Just think it’s over-the-top excessive.

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