Saturday is PhoBlog Day! A few Mules, a few Cats, a toppled Truck and a Caterpillar

Saturday is PhoBlog Day!

For me, I will be celebrating Step-Daughter #1’s 14th birthday.  All she wants is anything to do with makeup, the mall, clothes, fashion magazines and fragrance.  Sadly, nothing to do with equines…

So, I found a really cute canvas purse/sack/sachel with just enough hip and hippie mixed in to, hopefully, not feel like it came from an older person… Inside, a subscription to Marie Claire – her fav.

Remember when it was FUN to get mail?!  ;)




Such an honest face...

Something about a Fresian and a damsel...


O. M. G.


Fun! So considerate, too!


Pretty bird...


This is a Saddleback Caterpillar




Penguins are just so fun!


Goofy pup!


I have no idea what this is... why, where, how?


I know this isn't an animal photo... but oy whatta forehead smacker!


I found this on FB.


My favorite this week - LOOK at the horsey photobomber!!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. May

    I want that chicken! Gorgeous… But I seem to be accumulating animals like I used to accumulate handbags and/or shoes. I gotta stop. ;)

  2. Amy Shumway

    I’m so proud and lucky to be the photographer who took the horsey- photobomber photo!The fact that he stayed where I told him to while the carraige just coming at us shows how trusting he is- a very cool horse indeed!

  3. LY

    HUEY KHAN!!! I <3 me some Chyna and Duchess, too :D. ROCKS MY HALF-CHAPS!

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