Today, I continue with the taxes thing… sigh.


I know, I know, but I laughed..

Mama is exhausted … I’m sure there are more puppies somewhere!

Made me laugh…

Wow! I wish they would have done that here in Grass Valley, CA. We had a lake in the Brunswick area, and they drained it to build the freeway through it. Sad.

I love this cabin.


Fencing is expensive… if you have a small animal, this is a great solution!

I don’t know where this is…. but so interesting. I don’t think I’d like to live in it, but not sure. I’d like to visit and see what it feels like to live in the earth.

Awww, gorgeous baby.

So beautiful.

Cold but gorgeous.

Another gorgeous baby

Salt River wild horses… love this

A great idea!

Is this not gorgeous?! What a great shot of the wild ones… fat and healthy. Looks like an album cover!

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