Today, I will do my taxes for real this time…


Made me laugh!

Mother Nature is amazing.

4 generations!

So lovely!


A feeding idea…

Nice! But I wouldn’t want to carry up the groceries…


This is the Main Street of Nevada City – the town 2 miles from Grass Valley, where we live.


So clever and cozy!

I love the inventions vets and horse owners come up with to keep wraps safe!

This guest room looks very sweet and warm.

If your horse is chewing on the top rail of his stall.

This is WWR Astro Boy, a Morgan stallion, standing beneath the Justin Morgan statue in Vermont.

Healthy wild ones

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  1. dawndi Post author

    I have no idea… unfortunately. I merely saw the pic and cut and pasted it. You might try a google image search to see if you can find it somewhere else.

  2. Karen Small

    The cabin with the half barrel roof, where is it located and can I get pictures of the interior?

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