Today, I am working on a documentary…


I never knew how this worked… Glad to have it laid out.


I love this door.


Painted rock. So clever.

I always laugh at these…

What a great idea!

Another great idea for a shelter

And another great idea!

Totally an album cover…

I love this… although I would never wear it, I would appreciate someone who did!

Striking baby


Alert, healthy and wild.

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  1. Bunny

    Documentary? That sounds exciting! Is it horse related (or any animal, actually) – and can you talk about it?

  2. Calvin48

    I just think it’s interesting that every photo and video I’ve seen depicting wild horses, shows fat healthy Mustangs. Yet the BLM claims that it has to round them up and put them in holding cells because they are starving on the range. I think that what’s going on here is that when they remove horses, they are replaced with privately owned cattle and sheep because the BLM is run by and for ranchers. Best way to stop the ranchers from taking over the government land is to stop eating meat. If the ranchers can’t sell their animals for food, they won’t need the rangelands. Just my opinion.

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