TODAY I finish the irrigation in Marty’s Alley.   I had that area weed whacked so now is the time to reset all the emitters.  I will take photos and do “before/afters” to show the growth of the trees over the last 3 years.  From the house, they don’t look big… but up close, you can really see how they have grown!


HA! From Elke Vogelsang.

Such love.

Amazing tree!


A reader made this! Isn’t it creative?!

Sometimes, you just have to look at one of these guys and smile.

Photoshopped, but funny!

Gorgeous wild one.

Silly but funny

Wild boys… I love it when they are so thick and muscular – I think that is why I love Morgans, too.

More gorgeous wild ones.

Shaking that amazing mane.

What’s over there?!

Ahhh. Beautiful Lake Tahoe. It is about 2 hours from the Grass Valley house.



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