Today, I will travel to San Francisco to visit my Mom for Mother’s Day!  I hope you enjoy your kids or your Mom or your animals or your friends on this day!


Ravens so fascinate me. We. have several here and I’m trying to make friends. So for, no progress.

I know I’ve used this previously, but I so love this image.

From Alice Springs Kangaroo Sanctuary. This is the son of Roger, the garbage can crushing Roo.

I like!

How many hours did this take to create?!

An albino raccoon!

Gorgeous shot. I don’t know who took it, but I love it.

From Alice Springs we well.

The amazing Kat Livengood.

Our Wrangler friend, Rebecca, helping at a branding in Idaho.

Calgon, take me here!

Uh huh. This is how we were taught to strengthen our immune system.

A work from home meeting.

Amazing shot of a wild baby

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  1. Sarah

    Your phoblogs are a treat every Saturday but today I especially appreciated the “albino racoon” photo. Years ago (pre-internet days) we had one on our little remote rural farm. His (her?) favorite hangout was on a sturdy”cross” branch in the plum tree. Favorite food, though, was the extremely overripe plums that hit the ground before they could get picked. I suspect there was probably a bit of alcohol also in those very overripe fruits as this racoon would stuff himself silly then stagger around and then sleep it off at the foot of the tree – ripe plum-loving yellow jackets notwithstanding. Everyone thought I was making it up about an albino racoon in those days!

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