I have no idea what I will do today… but it will probably involve irrigation fixing.



Such an amazing photo… I wouldn’t want to be near this, but the photo is gorgeous.

Young, wild family members.

Crows and Ravens are so intriguing to me.

Such a handsome wild one.

I’ve used this previously, but I saw it again and I still love it. I have no idea where this is…but I wish I did. Amazing.

Alice Springs Kangaroo Sanctuary.

This is my dream swim.

By Kat Livengood on Earth Day.

Great candid shot.

Another gorgeous and healthy wild one.

Love this shot.

Loving grooming


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  1. Rox

    If you love photos of clouds you might take a look at the website for the cloud appreciation society. From rollclouds to moon rainbows – amazing. Would be interesting to find out if the one you posted is also there which might mean information on where it was photographed.

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