Today, I catch up on things after having Navy daughter home from Georgia for 2 weeks!  She left today.  Hubby is happy/sad.

I might have to continue on my taxes, too.  Blech.


A reader sent this pic of a lovely buck trying to get to the alfalfa. How lucky is she?! I’d love to have him in my barn!

Cute idea!

LOOK at those spots! This is from Black Jaguar, White Tiger Foundation.

I know these are considered pests in their country, but they sure are pretty.


Another gorgeous wild one. Let’s help them stay free!

Yes, I could live here…

A reader sent in these pics of a bear, soaking up in her pond at night.  He was playing with the critter ramp.

So cute!

That’s me, for sure!!! Mama Tess was the raptor when she was young!

Gorgeous Maine Coon.

Another great use of pallets!

Crazy, funny Natty Bumppo puppy! He’s growing!

Love these two…

Another gorgeous wild one.



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