Today, I should clean but I think I’m going to GROOM instead!  The horses and paddocks are finally dry… and my hip is almost stable enough.  I think I’m gonna try!



Yes. I could totally live here.

Is this not a gorgeous tree, gorgeous photo and gorgeous feeling?!

Sandy Sharkey is amazing. What a lovely shot of our wild one. Please sign every legitimate petition you see online to help the wild ones!

I’ve posted this previously. This is me, for sure.

Bats amaze me.

Absolutely this happens every morning at my house! The coffee pot goes on or Hubby grinds beans… and the donkey start braying!

This cracked me up.


Beautiful mare… with some ear adornment!

Somewhere in Montana…

This was titled, “My favorite stalker”. I think this is a rehab place in Australia, but I wasn’t able to be sure.

This photo so impressed me. That baby is glorious. Image by Carol Walker. Love this of our wild ones.

Love this!

LET’S HELP OUR FEBRUARY OLDER MARE, CALLIE!  HERE ARE A FEW ITEMS THAT ARE BEING SOLD TO BENEFIT THE BUCKET FUND!  We are 1/3rd of the way to our goal!  Just a bit more Starbucks and car change money will go a very far way for this mare!  Click here to donate for Callie.  (Thank you!)

  1.  This week, I wrote about Casey Gunschel and her leather works.  Many of you asked about her mini leatherscrap animals!    Well, I have 6 of the horses!  Each are $25 (including shipping.  (You could paint/stain them to match your horse!).  All proceeds will go to Callie!

To purchase a mini leather horse for $25, click here

2)  I have 6 of Michael Johnson’s SUSIE THE WHISPERING HORSE children’s books.  I love that this book is written to be read aloud.  It is very lyrical!  The illustrations are really nice!  Each book is $25 including shipping!  All proceeds will go to Callie!

Click here and I’ll send you a book today! 

4) Beautiful Seafoam necklace! ONLY $42! LOVELY and difficult to photograph, soft seafoam green Czech glass beads in graduated sizes with crystal closure. 16″

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5)  GOES WITH ANYTHING necklace/bracelet! ONLY $48!

Golds, Silvers, Whites, Crystal, Pearl!! Goes with anything. Perfect alone or layered! Czech glass beads in all shapes and sizes with crystal closure. 21″

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February Bucket Fund: WE CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE FOR THIS ONE WILD HORSE!  She looked fine this summer… but now CALLIE, a lead WILD mare, IS STRUGGLING TO SURVIVE. Her Wild Horse mentors think it is her teeth. LET’S HELP THIS BEAUTIFUL MARE get back on her feet so she can RETURN to her Virginia Range family to continue to guide them! Click here:

All donations are 100% tax deductible!  THANK YOU.  To Donate, click here!


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