Today is tax day – one of the many… ugh.  But I will also let the horses out to graze in the big pasture.  Fun!


Gorgeous wild ones

This cracked me up!




My friend and author, Michael Johnson, with his horse, Joe Ben Black.

Hilarious!  He probably thinks he is totally hidden.

Pup with a heart on his nose!

Our little Natty, being a flirt!     (3 months old. Half McNab/Lab, half German Short Haired Pointer


From Alice Springs Kangaroo Sanctuary in Australia

I almost agree…

I’ve used this before, but I still love it!

I spit my coffee on this one!

Kat Livengood, one of our fav photographers, took this pic. She was saying that it is a bit blurry because it was pitch black at night — but the best part of her story was that they had stopped, parked and exited the car to look at the stars, and it wasn’t until they were walking back did they notice that this huge guy had been and still was right. in. front. of. their. car. !!!

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