TODAY, again, I clean for guests (not complaining!).


Weather coming in… from Kat Livengood.

Sweet… from Elke Vogelsang

True that.

So true.

I love looking at old styles.

Gorgeous wild one! Pray for the Pine Nut HMA who are being rounded up right now.

A toy fox.    I thought  he was real!

I came upon these guys recently… They didn’t make a sound – so unusual.

LOOK CLOSELY… made out of old telephones!


Yes, take me here, Calgon.

Happy flowers!

This person froze water in bowls and put them out for the squirrels on hot days.

I’m not sure I like this… but it is interesting.


Awwww, C’mon! Play with me!

AUGUST BUCKET FUND! Let’s help transport and give medical care to these two elderly mustangs who were dumped in horrid feedlots. They both have a chance for total freedom again! MEET DOROTHY and WILLIE who BOTH need medical care IMMEDIATELY! Click here for story:

All donations are 100% tax deductible!  THANK YOU in advance!  Dorothy is from the Pine Nut HMA in Nevada that is being gathered RIGHT NOW!

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