Today, I will clean for guests as this is high season for our area and AirBnB!  (Sorry that I missed yesterday… I had to go visit Mom and that took all of my time.  She’s fine.  Just some things I needed to do for her.)


So pretty. Such a good mom.

Cracked me up!

Somewhere in Montana

I laughed

So cute!


I went to the local fair and this little kangaroo was in the helper’s hands. So cute!

This is a painting, but I wish I could go there.



OH my gosh… best pic ever!

Elke Vogelsang.

Yes. Please let me stay there one night!



JULY BUCKET FUND HORSE:  BLAZE, who nearly cut off his foot!  Luckily, he severed no tendons or ligaments, so he can be helped!  Blaze’s surgery and treatment costs are astronomical!  To read the story, click here To donate, click here!  (Thank you Thank you, Thank you!)

Poor Blaze is stallbound and going crazy!… He gets his new cast this week!

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