Today, as usual, I’m cleaning for guests.  However, I’m also getting some new mulch to put around 3 new trees that I’ve planted just today.  I have a new apple tree (it is tiny but it has fruit on it) and two more California Peppers.  My other apple trees are all older and bigger, but none of them have fruit.  I’m just flabbergasted.  And, we have plenty of bees, tons of roses and I have lots of citrus.  I just don’t know why they have never produced apples… I’ve never even seen a flower on any of them.  So odd.  They are like non-fruiting apple trees or something.


I love this! Thank you, Michelle!

Cute, wild baby

I love this! Look how his color changed!

I’d sit out there for sure!

Elke Vogelsang.

I love this.

Great idea!

Alice Springs Sanctuary in Australia.

Adorable baby. Elke Vogelsang.

Wild Mama and baby.

I saw dinosaurs. I had to look twice!

Gorgeous Oregon sky.

Such and awesome shot!

Beautiful, wild baby.


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