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Well, this week, the pups will be 6 months old!   (They are littermates.  Mother is a Walker Coonhound, Father was a Lab.)

To be honest, it is tough taking photos of these two unless they are asleep.  I’ve never encountered such active beings.  Never.  Even new foals are not as blurry active as these guys.

PUPDATE!  6 months old!

Violet knows that I’m not impressed with her handiwork.

Vivienne is going after a box of tack. Paper and cardboard seem to be their favorites. Oh and digging in houseplants. They also carry my boots around… and wrestle ALL. THE. TIME.

We are starting to let them free outside, with supervision. I’m still not convinced that they understand horses. Vivienne has found a delightful mole hole. Violet is down by the gate… asking for a walk outside (we have 10 acres but OUTSIDE is better, of course.)

Here we are in doggie detention. When I can’t take it anymore, they have sentry duty just outside my office windows. They get to watch the world go by for a while.

This is a favorite digging spot… the cats use the bark as a huge litter. Ugh. I always pull the dogs out of there. But, they always go there first. (You can see the miles and miles of vineyards where we live.)

Today’s upheaval and materpiece. I have to put everything up and out of puppy reach.

And still I cannot get an in-focus pic…

They are so silly!

This is my Mom in her home in San Francisco. I was there with her this past month – as we all ease into her dementia. I’m sitting on the floor with my brother’s new rescued dog, Sammy. Mom is an American Indian (Chippewa/Ojibwe) and you can see it here.

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This 35+ year old granny pony was left at a meat auction to fend for herself in the huge pens with large horses.


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