(Before we start… I miscalculated when adding up the fees needed for our February Bucket Fund horse, Troubadour.  I did not account for his gelding procedure – $250.  Today is the last day of February (gulp!) so I have listed some of my personal jewelry below, hoping to make up for my error.  Also, if you have any spare Starbucks change, here is the link to donate.  THANK YOU!  All donations are 100% tax deductible.)


Trying to take pictures of crazy wild puppies is tough – for me, anyway… And it is especially difficult to take photos of a BLACK dog.  Now I know why they are the last to get homes at shelters.  Black dogs are almost impossible to photograph!  Oh sure… you can take a photo, but they just look like black blobs.  Their eyes don’t show – so no expression.

I think my dogs need a professional.

But for now, here was our day today.  Rainy walks (pulls) and naps!

VIOLET is the white pup.  VIVIENNE is the black pup. Same litter.  Mother was a Walker Hound.  Father was ???  They think the neighbor’s Lab, but not sure.

Violet (white) is much more exuberant and happy-go-lucky.  She loves love and insists on hugs.  Violet is much better on the leash.  She is bigger than Vivienne, and thicker, but she is losing the power struggle.  Oh and Violet sounds like a Tweety Bird when she whines.  Exactly.  Like.  Tweety.

Vivienne (black) is smart, small and fierce.  She always looks worried because she has these curious wrinkles on her forehead.  Vivienne demands attention but not necessarily affection.  She want what she wants when she wants it.  I should have named her Veruka Salt…  Vivienne is always in the lead.  She’s the brains of the operation.

Oh, I cannot use the ‘measuring gate’ anymore because they can jump over it now.  We took it down.




Vivienne has outgrown her harness and another will arrive today!  (Actually, the one she was set to grow into – Violet’s old one – they destroyed in an epic tug of war.)

Naptime. Every few hours. They usually cram themselves into one bed.

Violet is very good on the leash.

Vivienne won’t sit still and is very difficult to photograph. Oh, and she does this thing… she stands and paws at you.  I’m trying to break her of this habit.

I’m using a biothane rein to walk them.  Clips on each end, nothing to hurt the hands.  Easier.

Either they are perfectly together…

Or far apart and Vivienne is pulling Violet around.

So far, they don’t want to get near the horses. (It has stopped raining for a moment – here we see Annie in front, Missy Miss behind her and Mo down the hill.

Unfortunately, the cats are so used to Scoutypants that they let the pups do whatever they want. So, here I’m begging Bagherra to PLEASE school the pup. But, so far, she hasn’t.

These puppies are hyper nose dogs. I’ve never had a puppy so driven by scent.

Violet is a very sweet girl.

Vivienne will sneak up on me while I’m working and paw me. She wants what she wants when she wants it.



Starbuck’s money?  Car seat change? No amount is too small, it ALL ADDS UP!   Troubadour’s story linked here.  To donate, click here!   All donations are 100% tax deductible.  THANK YOU!

*Below are pics taken today.



I’m trying to boost our Bucket Fund for our February horse, Troubadour! This necklace I purchased for myself. It is sterling silver, signed on the back, front has Mother Mary and “Keep the Faith”. Chain is lovely with a secure looped back. 18″ chain. Pendant with bale is an additional 2″.

2)  My Personal Beautiful Beads Necklace! Only $125!

Mixed and matched Gemstones and Czech glass beads. Wear long, doubled or tripled! Gorgeous colors. A little bit of everything but subtle and soft. Crystal bead at closure. 54″!

To purchase, click here!

3)  Greek Bronze Horseshoe necklace! Only $54! – SOLD!

Reversible Bronze horseshoe pendant with Greek copper beads and Czech glass bronze and crystal beads with Labradorite gemstone closure. 18″ Pendant is an additional 1.5″.

4)  ALL AMETHYST! Only $90! – SOLD!

REAL AMETHYST GEMSTONES – round beads and raw nuggets of gorgeous amethyst! Even Amethyst nugget at closure. Striking alone or layered. Dress up or casual! 17″

5)  PEARLS AND SHINE necklace!  SOLD!

I LOVE THIS ONE because it layers with almost everything… and is so pretty and soft on its own. Cream and white Czech glass pearls, silver and cream and crystal Czech glass beads with crystal closure. 24″.


He is too skinny to have his gelding surgery yet… they think in 4 more weeks, maybe.



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  1. dawndi Post author

    I would LOVE to do that. Also, I need to do that on Missy Miss and Annie! Great idea!

  2. Vicki Wisher

    Your girls are adorable. Have you thought of DNA testing to reveal their breed types? I’ve used Embark to test my rescue boy’s DNA and it was great. https://embarkvet.com/

  3. dawndi Post author

    Yes! They are both growing so fast! Vivienne has outgrown her harness a few times. Violet is now wearing Dexter’s old harness. We do have a new harness for Violet that has arrived. Agreed. I will look into the gentle harness. It goes around the snout. Inexpensive. Thank you!

  4. Karen Wright

    What cute puppies!
    Are you familiar with the Gentle Leader? It is used like a halter for dogs, especially with dogs that pull. Makes sense – we don’t usually try to lead/control a horse with a collar around the neck! Anyway, I have 2 Standard poodles who are real pullers. The biggest one has pulled me down. I started using the Gentle Leader on them, and they are very effective.
    Just a thought for Vivienne.

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