Do you want to DNA YOUR HORSE? I do!!

Genetics fascinate me.  All the variables.  I find it so interesting.

When you breed your own horse, or have a registered horse, you know the lineage.  But so many times, you really aren’t sure, especially if you rescue a horse or adopt a horse.

I know that Norma Jean and Mo are donkeys.  I know that Dodger is a Shetland.  I bred both Wrigley and Gwen, so I know exactly their lineage.  I have papers on Finn and BG.  Annie’s Dam was a Percheron who I saw in the huge corral with Annie… I know Annie’s Sire was a quarterhorse of some type because there were several quarterhorse stallions in the corral as well.

So, that leaves Missy Miss.   I was told MM was a Mustang, but now I’m not so sure.  I was contacted by a person who knew MM when she was a baby… she told me that MM was a domestic horse, not a Mustang.    Hmmmmm.

Time to do a DNA test on MIssy Miss (and maybe Annie, too!).

Mo the donkey and Missy Miss. When they came to me, I was told they both had been rounded up in Nevada. But now I am hearing that MM is a quarter horse. Hmmmm

WHERE TO GO FOR DNA (They do other animals, too!)

So I asked a friend – who always posts the heritage of her rescue horses that are up for adoption – how she knew lineages.  I thought it was a great idea to show lineages, and wondered how she could figure all that out on horses who come in with no background information.

She said, “I have their DNA done.”

Me:  Really?!  How exciting!  How?

She said, “Texas A&M!”

So, I went to the website of Texas A&M and found the form.

Or you can use this jpeg and make a copy and print.  $45 per sheet/horsesays.

Print and send in with hair sample


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