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So the puppies are now 30 weeks along… or 7.5 months old.  They are still TOTAL PUPPIES.

(reminder:  half Walker Coonhound and half Labrador – littermates.)

However, they are learning things… and they are very good at training us (well, me…), already.


The puppies go to bed around 8pm.  And, no matter how hard we try to keep them awake or wake them up to go outside at 10Pm… whatever we do, they still get up at 4:30am.  Not 4:31, not 4:28.  Nope.  4:30am on the dot.  Every.  Single.  Day.

I used to throw on a robe and walk them around in the dark outside (NOT RECOMMENDED)… but now I just fling open the door and give them a gentle boot while I wheel around and stagger back to bed.

However.  They really don’t wish to be out in the dark and cold – for long.  Just long enough for me to fall back asleep… to then awaken to their not-so-gentle whines outside.

So, I’ve given up sleeping in.  It just doesn’t work.  Now, I get up at exactly 4:30am and start returning emails earlier than anyone wants to read them.

Serious Vivienne.

Goofy, sweet and lovable Violet


They know the sounds of any kind of opening or rattling of any kind of food item.

They know to stand at the office door and whine – to be let in.  And, they know the reverse of that… whine to be let out.  Or just whine for something, even if the little puppy brain isn’t sure what she wants, in particular.

They know the phrase, “What do gooooood doggies do?”  means to “sit”.  Why be efficient?  Why not teach them the finer points of the English language?

They know how to ride in the car without throwing up, however, they choose to mostly throw up anyway.

And they have learned that if they poop all over where Mom walks, it is fun to watch her grumble as she picks it all up before her morning coffee.

Oh and of course, they know how to be exceedingly cute when they want something…

We think you have something in your pocket…don’t you?!!


Mostly, they run around and dig up stuff.  Or they tackle each other and dig up stuff.  Or they snorffle the ground and dig up stuff.

Usually, they are gone the entire day, and just come back for snacks or to tag home base – kinda like we did as kids.

But my biggest training accomplishment so far is:  Playing or roughhousing inside is not allowed – ever.  No more.  Done with that.  Nada.  If I even hear any kind of elevation in mood or play, I stop it immediately or put them outside.

This is what I mean by SERIOUS VIVIENNE. She is just so serious. Always a knitted brow and a concerned look. Here she is concerned about my driving… which of course, she should be since I’m driving and taking photos. (not really)


Daily baths, which I don’t have the time or strength to wrestle them into.    They smell like stinky middle-schoolers, all dirty and hormonal.  Every day, they roll in manure and whatever dead thing they can find.  Puppie LePews.

Next month, after we return from our annual ranch vacation, and have time to monitor them, the girls will be spayed.


(They have it pretty good…).

Last weekend I took them to doggie Day Care. At least they napped on the way home… I hope they are invited back!

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