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These articles are from Camp Roberts, the post where he Is stationed.

From the Camp Roberts Grizzly news.

69th Public Affairs Detachment

The Cal Guard’s 1st Squadron, 18th Cavalry Regiment and the U.K.’s Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) teamed up in early June for an intense two-weeks of annual training at Camp Roberts.

The HAC is the U.K. Army’s Reserve Intelligence, Surveil- lance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Regiment, and is based in the City of London.

The Americans and Brits came together for Exercise Vam- brace Saber, which simulated an enemy insurgency con- ducting cross border incursions, culminating in the engage- ment of insurgent forces. The exercise was designed to test the ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance) capabilities of both the 1-18th Cavalry and the HAC.

The Honourable Artillery Company Band arrives at the Camp Roberts Soldier Bowl on June 14. Photo by Capt. Jason Sweeney

The exercise concluded with a cavalry tradition called a “Spur Ride.” U.S. and U.K. troopers were inducted into the “Order of the Spur” by Hopkins in a ceremony at the Camp Roberts Soldier Bowl.

To earn their spurs, troopers had to successfully com- plete a series of training events at a high level, including an Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), weapons quali ca- tions, a ruck march and other Soldier skill events. Silver spurs were placed on their boots during the ceremony. The event included troopers on horseback, a helicopter yover by the 40th Combat Aviation Brigade and music from the HAC Regimental Band.

The band provided the pomp and ceremony playing “The Star Spangled Banner” and “God Save the Queen” as ev- eryone sang along.

“Exercising with the 1-18th CAV was an incredibly valu- able experience as it enabled us to train as we expect to

During the exercise, both U.K. and American troopers made use of the substantial training areas at Camp Rob- erts, including its many ring ranges, landing zones and its state-of-the-art Combined Arms Collective Training Facil- ity (CACTF), where the two units conducted urban warfare training.

“We conducted tough and realistic training as an integrated task force with the Honorouble Artillery Company surveil- lance and target acquisition regiment, and several enablers, including a chemical recon platoon, engineering platoon, Tactical UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) platoon, and

MPs,” said 1-18th CAV commander Lt. Col. Jeramy Hop- kins. “The 40th Combat Aviation Brigade, California State Military Reserve, the 40th BSB, and 224th CSSB supported us throughout the operation, which really allowed us to add depth, complexity, and train at multiple echelons. Through- out the entire event, and even through the planning process, the Brits were enjoyable and easy to work alongside. They were professional, focused, and had good senses of humor. During our annual training, it was a privilege to train with the second oldest unit in the world still in existence. The HAC has a tremendous history, fantastic Soldiers, and a pre y amazing band.”

ght; with our primary allies, in an expeditionary context against a near peer enemy,” said Lt. Col. Mark Wood, com- mander of the HAC. “Camp Roberts provided a fantastic training environment, and its complex terrain, climatic ex- tremes and purpose built population centers really chal- lenged our Soldiers. The 1-18th CAV were a brilliant unit to work with; capable, professional and incredibly support- ive, we learnt a huge amount from working with them. Not only did we get the chance to be er understand how they operated, but we also captured some best practice that has helped us to re ne our own tactics, techniques and procedures.”

Soldiers from the 1-18th CAV and the U.K.’s Honourable Artillery Company pose for a photo on June 14 at the Camp Roberts Soldier Bowl after completing a two-week training exercise. Photo by Capt. Jason Sweeney





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