They Came to me! The Stang Gang (brief) update!

I am still traveling back from Skydog Sanctuary – and it is late… but I wanted to post this one pic, so you all could see what I saw today!

They were fat, happy…and free.

I will post about the entire day on Monday!  I can’t wait to write it all down for you!

Rojo, Remi and shy Sam… free on 9500 acres – but they come in for food and visits! Today, they heard me and Remi led the charge to visit with the Little Human (me). I will write about the entire day on Monday. Sigh. I am so happy that they were in such good shape (mentally, physically and emotionally) – as I knew they would be. Thank you Skydog.

I love this pic of Remi… the wind was blowing and she looked so FREE and happy! A mouthful of hay and all the grass around her that any horse could want…   A very happy girl.

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  1. Robin Jude

    So excited to hear the details-I knew they would remember ! Can’t wait !

  2. Cathy

    So excited they came to you – Alice will be thrilled – we were waiting to hear what happened…

  3. Laurie

    Oh…I have been waiting for news on the Stang Gang!
    So happy for you Dawn, looking forward to more info.
    Love Love that pic!

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