Besides the fact that donkeys are easy keepers, very hardy and extremely protective (they go after intruders…), donkeys are simply lovely beings.

Below is a photo journal of a few minutes with Satchmo.  He was once wild.  Now, he isn’t.  Now he is a big lover – which he probably was in in the wild as well, just with other donkeys, not a Little Human such as  myself.  But my comment is that MO is just like every donkey I’ve ever met.  They may be shy at first, but underneath is that loving donkey demeanor.

Everyone should have a donkey or two.


Hi, MO!

He comes right over… such a friendly guy! (I don’t have cookies.)

Hey, why don’t you come through the fence and hang with me?

OK! So I went through the fence and immediately scratched his sweet spot.

He loves to smell my hair…

I had my arm around him… he loves this.  He leans into me.

My phone made a funny noise. We both looked at it.

I read the text to him, and he listened intently.

Mo is VERY loving. He pushes in and leans on me. All he wants is for me to love on him.

What’s that?!

And in for the final kiss… Everyone should have a donkey. Every one that I have met has the same loving heart.  They may hide it at first, but it is there.


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