My donkey, Mo, received a package today!  I am sure it was from Santa and should have been here a week or so ago… but TODAY was the day for MO!


The package was addressed incorrectly, which may be why it didn’t get here for Christmas.


4 packets of cookies! All different flavors! Licorice, Peppermint, Fenugreek and plain!

Santa’s elf added a note!


Low sugars, low starch… all good things.

So I went to the website…Click to go to the website


WOHOO!  LET THE EATING BEGIN! (more like ‘gobbling’!)

And… GONE!  This is MO, the recipient of these wonderful cookies.

Missy Miss practically took my finger off.

Dodger was like a ponyaddict.

Norma, always the delicate lady…

This is Dalton. Snatch and Grab!

Here we have Vivian trying to trip me as I walk…

Beautiful Girl… Very dainty and kind. She ate about 7 at once, but she was very delicate on the pickup.

Finn, on the other hand, was so excited, he pushed away BG and slobbered up about 9 at once.

This is Wrigley. He is looking at me in anticipation.

Here he gets his fill with one slipping out the side.

Here you can see he has about 9 in his cheek.

Gwen. She had to grab before Wrigley came over and took hers.

Back to Mo and Missy Miss (who is pawing for more)…

Missy has hers but Mo dropped his and now daring Vivienne is going in for the steal.

Here we are at the end… hardly any of the Licorice flavor left and Vivey is plotting how to trip me – again.

NICKER TREATS!  THE HORSES (and dog) LOVED THEM! – and for a good cause.

Here is the website.

from the website

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