December Bucket Fund dispersal receipt!

I know these posts are probably boring to you all… time to post our dispersal payments.  Last month, our chosen horse was Big Eddy, the handsome mustang who was captured after a very successful, wild 20+ years  – only to be deemed unadoptable and worthless due to his age.

Luckily, kind folks pulled him from the BLM corrals and Eddy ended up at Mustangs to the Rescue.  We banded together to build funds for his initial gentling.  THANK YOU THANK YOU.

If you missed his original story, click here.


A note from Kate of Mustangs to the Rescue:

Dawn, thank you so very much! You gave Eddy a much larger audience. That helps in the short and long term by increasing the public’s awareness if the issues and their depth.
Our PayPal address is .
You and your efforts are much appreciated.
Take care,


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  1. Doris McQuiddy

    Thank you, Dawn for your advocacy for the most vulnerable wild mustangs-those captured by the BLM and considered of no value because of age or health issues or lack of interest from adopters. Eddy is a beautiful elder and not at all boring to me. I’m so glad we had the opportunity to contribute to his safety by using appropriate gentling techniques. You always find the best way to help when a horse is in need. I am so grateful to you.

  2. Marsha loneagle

    Not at all boring :) I love seeing what my little bit pooled with everyone else’s bit looks like!

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