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Saturday, May 22nd, 2021 | Filed under Nutrition

Hubby went to the grocery store and on his list was ‘dog cookies’.

He forgot.

When he came home, the dogs were so disappointed, Hubby made dog cookies.

Hubby’s dog cookies, in a nice tupperware container.

I thought it was ingenious.  He used up our old flour, added an egg, some half and half, water, salt and then he cooked up oldish bacon – diced it – and added that for special flavor.  He baked them for an hour and Voila!

Needless to say… the dogs were very, very appreciative.

Natty doing his Nattydance.



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SANTA DROPPED OFF GIFTS for NORMA JEAN AND MO!!! They were very good donkeys indeed.

Wednesday, December 30th, 2020 | Filed under Nutrition

LOOK was arrived from Santa!

Addressed to Norma Jean was a lovely gift of BEET-E-BITES for the crew!  Santa even enclosed notes!  ( We are so excited because we LOVE Beet-E-Bites!)

And, there was a new flavor this year… BANANA!  A huge hit, I might add!

Santa used USPS for some reason… but anyway, he enclosed a special card for NJ and a special card for Mo!


Beet-E-Bites re Treats that are good for your horse – low sugar, low starch.  Perfect for IR horses or laminitic horses, overweight horses – or any horse, really!  I first found out about Beet-e-Bites when Mama Tess was sick.  I needed a treat that I could give her – that she would like.  She loved Beet-E-Bites, they all do!

For me, I prefer giving these treats to the horses over other treats because I know they are fresh, I know they are good for the  horses… and the horses looooove them.  I love that they are heart shaped!

Check out the website.  You can find out their ingredients and all the different flavors.  They even have pill pockets now!

This was what was inside! Very FRESH Beet-e-bites in two flavors! Peppermint and new Banana!


I felt like the Pied Piper.  The horses and dogs were following me all around as I distributed the Beet-e-Bites.  They love them.  Seriously.  These cookies are like horsey Ben & Jerrys – except these treats are good for them.  They gobble up every bit!

DISCLAIMER:  It is tough to hold the camera and give a treat – safely.  Just sayin’.  And, it rained yesterday…  everyone is a little muddy.

Mo, his ears are behind the fence board, taking his heart-shaped treat. Missy Miss is waiting patiently behind.

Norma left her lunch to have a bite.

Dalton grabbed two!

Wrigley was smiling as he was grabbing.

Gwen… with her lunch all over her face…grabbed her cookie… and went back to her lunch.

This is Beautiful Girl. Look at the anticipation in her eyes!

This is Missy Miss with little Natty hoping I’ll drop it.

Vivey is staring at the bag… Natty is imploring me to hand it over. (They carry those baling strings around with them and play tug-of-war)

Good girl, Vivey, gets one… (Natty got his, too)

Dalton worked another out of me…

This is Finn… he got several because he is Finn.



From the website, I took a snapshot of the ingredients for you:

Ingredients safe for IR horses, Cushings horses, overweight horses… all horses!

Heart shaped, fresh treats!

Crumblers to put over food.


HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!