A few updates: Scout, Lucky, Rambles and the book I’m reading…

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I don’t know how important or interesting it is to know what book I’m reading… so I’ll make this brief.

In preparation for Spring and more RED HORSE DIARIES, I decided to read ‘HEALING SHINE’ by Michael Johnson.

I don’t really know anything about it except that the inside cover got me.  It said:

“The story of one man and one horse and the seven year spiritual journey of Healing Shine.”

HMMMMM.  I bit.

So, I will let you know what I think once I finish.  (Be warned, finishing could take a while…  I usually read before I fall asleep so I get about a page a night.)

I will say that the cover of my copy has a sticker on it that says “Western Writers of America Spur Award Winner”.

The book I am reading.

The book I am reading.


As some of you may know, I have a donkey, Norma Jean.

She often tells (on her FB page) about purchasing items off of Ebray… and this was one of the items she purchased.

OKOK, she didn’t really purchase it.  I actually loaned her the money.

But, I was thrilled when this lovely crocheted donkey arrived all the way from the UK!

I smile every single time I see it!  Hubby says it is Dominick the Christmas Donkey (do you know the song?).

I’m not sure.  I think it may be Rudonk the Red Nosed Jenny…

Anyway, unfortunately, Scouty-pants likes it, too.  I found RuDonk in her bed several times.  Luckily, she didn’t maul it, she just gums RuDominick – so far.  Phew.


Our purchase off of Ebray!

Our purchase off of Ebray!


Many of you have asked how Scout is doing now that Atticus has passed.

Thank you for asking.

She is doing better than Shiva.  Shiva has lost three friends in two months.  The poor boy is a bit lost.  Shiva isn’t cut out to be ‘leader’ material.  The importance and stress of the job is taking its toll.

But, Scouty-pants is forgetting about Atticus… She doesn’t like to be alone and will cry if she cannot see Shiva.  But, most of the time, she is happy and puppy-like.

For me, I’d love to have a playmate for her that can wrestle as hard BACKat her.  Shiva is a bit too small now for her roughhousing.  Although he is still the Boss of her.

I know I should go rescue another pup that needs a home.  But, for some reason, I’m holding out until something feels right for us.

Scouty-Pants.  She is 5 months old... and doing OK without her brother, Atticus.  She is still small for her breed but very sweet and VERY active!

Scouty-Pants. She is 5 months old… and doing OK without her brother, Atticus. She is still small for her breed (Sicilian Mastiff) but very sweet and VERY active!


Here is a video of Lucky taken Sunday morning.

In the beginning of the video, she looks frozen…  but then she walks right up to camera, very coordinated and bold.  I loved it!

This is what Lori had to say:

She’s doing great. We had to cut back on the time. We have to do on one hour and off for three because she is so active when she gets them on. She runs and will over do it. It makes her sore because she is doing too much, too fast. It’s awesome though! She ran across the arena after she had them on 10 minutes!

Click image to watch Lucky walk!

Click image to watch Lucky walk!

UPDATE ON RAMBLES the 42nd Virginia Range Horse Saved!

A few days ago, I told you about a remarkable extra save from the 41 Virginia Range horses – Rambles.

She was thought to be a domestic Shetland who was released into the wild, but it turned out she was actually one of the original VR horses – 2 year old Rambles!

This week, she was moved to a special housing facility because her dwarfism needed to be evaluated.  Clearly, the little stinker isn’t acting like a wild little pony… here she is, already blanketed and breaking into the hay room at her new digs!!!

Yup, this girl was completely wild a week ago and look at her now.


You can read her story here.

Rambles, wild a week ago, is today wearing a coat and breaking into the feed shed!!!

Rambles, wild a week ago, is today wearing a coat and breaking into the feed shed!!!

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Pam

    Hi, Dawn,
    I LOVE Michael Johnson! I have Healing Shine on audio CD and have listened to it several times. If you have time, you can check out his website. About Shine, it’s a roller coaster ride. There are parts where you will probably cry. I’ve listened to Shine several times and every time I say to myself, I will NOT cry this time and then there are the tears again. Hope you enjoy it and I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

  2. Doris McQuiddy

    I think Rambles is so cute! She would be such a cute plushie. I wonder if her fans would be interested in getting one for a donation. I mentioned this to some fellow Equi-Army No Days Off friends and they suggested that I pass on the idea to see if it could generate some ongoing donations to help the 42 and the next ones to be saved. I did pass on the idea to American Wild Horses Preservation Campaign and the new owners/rescuers and now to you at Horse and Man. Just a thought and we all know that a thought is the beginning of action. Thanks for all your interesting thoughts and for letting us know what’s happening with some of the earlier four footed friends like Lucky.

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