OMG!! I’M BACK from my forced vacation in CyberHell! We are aliiiiiiiive!

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I feel like I was stuck and suffocating in a weird, Alice in Wonderland spiraling-out-of-control cyber rabbit hole for a week.

“What happened?!!!  Where are all the words?!!!”

Poof!  The blog had evaporated. It was all gone.

Nothing made sense and on one could fix it!


The blog had evaporated and I didn't know how to retrieve it.

The blog had evaporated and I didn’t know how to retrieve it.

At first,  I thought my site’s disappearance was a simple server thing…

Then when I learned that we had terminally outgrown our now melted servers, I became frantic that all three years of the blog were gone.  (I had always planned on backing everything up…)

I was frustrated and despondent.  It was as if someone had kidnapped my beloved pet and there was absolutely NOTHING I could do to get it back.

I was hamstrung.  I didn’t know what to do.



Several frantic days ensued which were so monumentally technically ridiculous I felt I was part of a Keystone Cop movie.  Round and Around and Around she went –

You see, once the website files were recovered (long story – phew!), I made the decision to go with a professional, sophisticated and robust hosting company.  Except… I’m not professional, sophisticated or robust at this type of thing.  In fact, I’m kinda stoopid when it comes to code and servers and html and blah blah blah ginger.

(My previous host was much more user-friendly and personable… sigh. )

“Huh?” I found myself saying… often.  “Are you speaking English?  I missed that, could you send me a diagram because I have no idea what you mean…”

I’m just a blogger.



Eventually, however, I muddled through while these professionals made me put on my big girl pants and step up to the plate.

They made me realize that my little baby blog grew without me really realizing it (like most parents) and then demanded that I purchase a better car to drive to wherever we were going together…  ;)

So, now the site, and my notsobaby blog run on a platform fit for the wonderful weight of all of us who read it…

And tonight, here I am, alive and well, albeit emotionally exhausted (ask Hubby), and finally secure that 3 years of my blabbing is safe – and that I can once again, talk to all of you.

That means a lot to me.  And, I never knew that until this happened.

Oh sure, I knew that I loved to write the blog.

But I never knew that I now think of this blog as a part of me.

Without it, I felt a bit bare and like a lesser version of myself.  I was heartshocked to lose it.

So even though this week was an emotional roller coaster and very expensive, it was an eye-opener with a silver lining.

I now look at this journey, wherever it takes me, differently.  I still don’t know what motivates me to write every day.  But at least I do know that being here in cyberspace with you all, feeds my soul.

A blessing in disguise.


Thanks for reading...!

Thanks for reading…!

 HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!




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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Peg

    \o/ / /o\ /
    You’re back! I missed you and your critters sooo much..
    My computer was down for a week last year and I nearly went crazy(er) not being able to “talk” to my friends all overthe world>

  2. Seabiscute

    I am so glad you are back and restored to (technology) health! I really missed you. :-)

  3. KarenTX

    Welcome back! I had been out of town, came in, tried to pull up your site and went “Oh no!”

  4. Sharon Weishaar

    So very thankful that you are back. You are just as much a part of all of us as we are you!! We missed you terribly!!

  5. Mary Lu Kennedy

    I had no idea that I would miss Horse and Man so much. That is what I do every morning before I feed the dogs, goats or horses. Before I even go into the action part of my house I walk down the hall and go to my computer room and see what is happening with Horse and Man. It just wasn’t right without you and I am so glad that you are back! Keep the good words coming!!!!

  6. Deborah Carlino

    Missed you too! So glad you’re back!!! Like you I never realized how much my online friends mean to me, until I’m away from them. Your experience can only reflect how much we love to read your blog and that growth is a good thing! And remember, we are life long learners, and that’s what keeps us young, even though some of this makes our hair turn grey! :)

  7. Christine

    Welcome Back. It was getting a little boring here in snowy England!! x

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