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I keep forgetting to tell you all what I have discovered for ulcers!

You see, Mama Tess was on antibiotics for her recent bladder infection while taking pain meds… and after a few weeks of that… I could see the discomfort in her eyes.  I just knew her stomach was upset.  She had that nauseous look about her.  And, she was off her feed.

Tess is never off of her feed.

The vet came out, did some tests and declared ‘Ulcer!’ – which I already knew.

Then he recommended a daily Ulcer paste.  There are a few.  All are incredibly expensive to use as directed.

I, in turn, felt nauseous.


Instead of going the paste route, I remembered that Omega Alpha sells Gastra-FX.  The bottle gives a very broad (safe) description, but I knew it was for ulcers.  The bottle says:  “Gastra-FX is used as an aid in the maintenance of normal stomach health.  Dosage may be increased 2-4 times above the recommended dose depending on the seriousness of the condition.”

So, I bought a gallon.  I figured if she needed ‘at least a month’ of the usual paste ulcer cure, then she would need a lot of Gastra-FX.

But, I was wrong…

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I gave Tess the loading dose of 50cc three times daily for three days then twice daily for three days and then once daily for a few days.

She was cured within a week.

Her appetite came back like gangbusters… she started eating me out of house and home (which wasn’t really a good thing but it was nice to see her eating with gusto again).  I no longer saw that ‘ugh’ look in her eye and she was herself again.

The vet was amazed!

I don’t know how long it will take to help your horse, but it sure worked fast on mine!

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I have not used the new Gastra-FX Ultra Paste.  It is supposed to be effective for pre-show or event.  I don’t think it is used like a paste ulcer medicine but you can always email the nutritionist at Omega Alpha and ask (csmith@omegaalpha.ca).  They offer very sound advice.


Order straight from the US office of Omega Alpha, that is what I do.  Here is Clare’s email.  She will help you.  csmith@omegaalpha.ca

While you are ordering with Clare, make sure to ask her about any of the other products you might need for your horse.  They have so many products and I’ve only tried a handful.   Honestly, I love every one I’ve used.  So far, I’ve used Anti-Flam (daily), Biotic-8 (probiotics), Liver Flush, Kidney Flush, Para-X (natural deworming), MinerEQ (mineral boost), RegenerEQ (goes hand in hand with Gastra-FX to keep the gut happy), Respi-Free and Hemex (iron).

Or, they sell it at Big Dee, Dover and Smith Brothers… just google ‘Omega Alpha Gastra-FX’ and it will come up.

GO FOR IT – it is totally worth the cost savings!

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  1. dawndi Post author

    Hi: Right now, as I google “Omega alpha Gastra-FX” I see a liter at Big Dee for $39.99 and gallons at Dover and Smith for
    $125. But you probably wouldn’t need a gallon so I think the smaller would do fine. Most of the time, Omega Alpha
    actually has better prices so do contact Clare: Clare Smith
    Mobile: 705-728-4404
    Phone: 262-522-7480
    Toll Free: 877-436-1221

  2. met

    Was having trouble finding order link and price. Can you share price?

  3. dawndi Post author

    I think you will be very happy… The Biotic 8 cleared up my mare’s loose stool, as well. I think you should
    see a change in a week. Please keep me posted!

  4. Amy M

    I just ordered my Gastra-FX yesterday, along with some Biotic 8 to try on my gelding. :) I so hope it works out as an alternative to spending an arm and a leg of GastroGuard.

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