FRIDAY UPDATE DAY!! Bucket Fund Star gets her braces today, a testimonial from a reader AND Rachel Alexandra’s Colt!

It is the beginning of a Holiday Weekend…  I hope you all will either relax or have some fun!

UPDATE ON STAR – Our August Bucket Fund

Star is doing much better – soon she will have her braces!


We have made our goal of $5000!!!!!


Simply amazing!

In case you haven’t read her story, it is attached here.

Nice deed here:  On the strength of our donations, the prosthetic maker (Dr. Graves) went ahead and crafted her prosthetic devices – braces for both of Star’s legs – without a down payment…  He didn’t ask to be paid in full before he began.  He saw the need, had faith we would raise the  money, and he went to work for her.  He knew she needed him.

Nice.  Here is his website.   There are numerous stories of animals Dr. Graves has helped.

My favorite part of the story – besides the generosity of strangers – is that Dr. Graves is an amputee himself.  Total empathy from the human in charge.  Love it.


The reason there are two braces is because the other foot will need help in supporting Star’s weight once the right brace is applied.  Especially because her legs are different lengths.

It generally takes a few fittings and sometimes a few different prosthetic designs to work out the technical kinks per animal… but we could get lucky and maybe she will have her final braces today!

I will receive photos from Star’s fitting tonight and I will pass those onward.

The Doc iwho is making the braces is an amputee! He understands! (Star did not need an amputation.)



I had no idea what a hot button (no pun intended) this Sweet Itch thing would be… So many letters.

Most people had much to say about how and why horses itched.

All interesting.

But this item came from a reader whose horse suffered immensely with Sweet Itch.  She tried everything including full blankets – to no avail.  Finally, a vet told her about this product and she swears by it.

I’ve never tried it, but here is her testimony… I figured this might help someone out there.  If it helps just one horse, it is worth spreading the word to get to that particular horse in need.

*Oh, and this Sweet Itch supplement is made by the same people who created HEIRO which I’ve written about previously.  They do care about what goes into your horses… and they care about how to make the horses feel better.   I’ve spoken to the main vet there and he is very kind.

Here is her testimony:

OK Dawn Once again Sorry to reply as I know you get swamped.
But I have a horse who as he grows older(now 9)now gets summer itch soooooo out of control.
I have worked with my vet and we did everything. Nope nothing worked till now
I tried This summer itch(as I know how well the Herio works) Started his first dose on a Friday and by Monday he was itch free. Wheeehaw. Yep no more standing in the stall scratching him self raw.
Yes he is brought in dawn / dust to prevent the nasty buggers biting. Yes I did buy the spray(which I have used in the past as just fly spray preitch))But now he is so happy. His wounds are healing and I am jumping up and down with joy.(no more ripped up buckets) Maybe his mane and tail will now have a change to grow back.
Really this stuff is like a miracle for me and my pony.It worked in three days WOW. Just FYI next time you want to talk about itch ponies

Summer Eczema Oral Supplement  Sugar-Free Apple
The sugar-free apple flavor is for horses with Insulin Resistance or on controlled carbohydrate diets.

A new, top-rated, proven treatment using USDA-certified organics for all breeds of horses. It has been shown to control the allergic reaction of the Culicoides bite. The proprietary blend of herbs will decrease inflammation to allow healing and stop the itch. Some of the symptoms would be hairless, reddened, encrusted, itchy areas on the base of the tail, midline of the belly, mane, and head.

24-day supply for an active case, 48-day supply for a maintenance dosage.

You will need the Oral Supplement and RK Topical Spray together to stop Summer Eczema. A handy and convenient concentrate is shipped to you for easy storage.

She swears by it… Click to go to the website.



Yup!  You can follow his growth here!  He has a FB page but hardly anyone knows about it!  I swear, only 197 ‘likes’ as I write this!!

His name is Jess’s Dream – for the owner who passed.   A nice tribute, for sure.

Here are some pics… many more on his page.  I love it when a horse so divinely bred has goofy pics!!  I’m glad they are willing to show this colt as he really is – so we can engage and love him as if he was like any other baby horse.

Very nice.


This one made me laugh!


OMG, love it!! Baby and Mom.


Total horsey joy! I hope he grows up to be as fierce a competitor as both of his parent combined!

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Seabiscute

    Thank you, thank you for telling me about this stuff — he has only been on it for a week, but I think it is really helping my horse! In fact, I saw improvement after only 24 hours, and there was nothing else that would explain that (same weather conditions, etc. as earlier).

    My results are not quite as dramatic as the owner you quoted, but his case was so intransigent I am not surprised. He is much, much better — he looks better and I am sure he feels better. He has stopped doing damage to himself, and he is not restless at night now. And I am thrilled!

    (Thank you also for fixing the link…)

  2. Seabiscute

    Help — I am desperate for help for my itchy, scraped-up, inflamed, raw horse, and there is no link! Please post one that works, thank you!

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