WHAT A NICE THING TO DO… Maggi Moss and Remember Me Rescue.

Today I decided to go back and see how those 9 TB broodmares were doing who were all from a prominent breeder and were saved by John R. Murrell and the Remember Me Rescue.  You can read about it here.

(The 9 youngish broodmares were found on a feedlot.  Several folks circled the wagons, outbid the meat buyer via John Murrell and then housed the mares at Remember Me Rescue.)


So, today I decided to see if all of the mares had been adopted.  I knew that most had, but I wanted to check on the few left behind.  (I had written about their adoptions here.)

As an aside, some of the mares went back to their original breeders.  That was so nice!

Anyway, when I went to the Remember Me website, I saw that one of the mares had passed away from extreme colic.

So Sad!

So sad… but out of this tragic event came an angel… Maggi Moss.

But, out of that sadness came a really great future solution for the horses in the care of Remember Me Rescue.

You see, when Maggi Moss heard that one of the rescued mares died of colic because the Rescue didn’t have an Emergency Fund large enough for the required equine hospital deposit, she opened her purse and handed over her credit card – to be used for just such emergencies in the future.



I wanted to bring this story to you so that you can feel all warm and fuzzy like I did…  I mean, how many people would give their credit card without a bunch of disclaimer and strings?…

I love this.   True Trust.


(CLICK HERE to read original story)

Click image to read original story.




Simple.  The equine hospital that could have tried to save the stricken mare, wouldn’t do any surgery until they had a hefty deposit.

Makes sense – but a harsh reality, especially when time is of the essence like a colic case…

So, Maggie decided that her way of contributing would be to have that roadblock never again stop the well being of any rescued horse at Rescue Me Rescue.


Below is another excerpt from the original story (linked here)


I love stories like this…

Thank you, all involved ~  Remember Me Rescue, John R Murrell, Maggi Moss and Deborah Jones.

Wonderful work … the good deeds are spreading!

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Star’s braces are ready already!!! Click here to read her story!



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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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