Friday Slick update

It is Friday!!

Thank you all for asking about Slick.

He is a bit better.

Hubby succeeded in his duty of filling a bowl with soaked and very wet beet pulp pellets and a scoop of psyllium 3 times a day for Slick while I was away.

When I would call to inquire about Slick, Hubby would say, “He ate it all!  He was very hungry!”

Me:  Did you notice if he still had runny stools.

Hubby:  Uhhh.  No.

Me:  Did you notice if his breath still was rank and infectious smelling?

Hubby:  Definitely didn’t get that close…

Me:  Did he seem like himself?  Was he uncomfortable at all?

Hubby:  What do you mean?

Me:  Did he look like his stomach hurt?

Hubby:  No.  He seemed exactly like himself.

Me:  Has he gained any weight?

Hubby:  In two days?

Me:  I mean, has he filled out any on his topline.

Hubby:  His whatline?

Me:  Is he still alive.

Hubby.  Yes.


And so it goes.

I cannot really tell you how he is other than he is still alive and eating well.

However, tonight when I arrived home, I ran out to his paddock to check on him.  With my trusty headlamp, I could see that he was indeed, still alive.

Also, he was head-butting me for food so he seemed to be his normal self.

And, when I lifted up his tail (which he hates), I didn’t see any signs of new runny manure.

So, I think he is better… but I’m guarded because I don’t think nighttime reviews are very good.


For all of you that don’t know Slick’s plight, the vet thinks he has sand in his gut – for the first time ever – and his advice was very sloppy wet and soaked beet pulp with psyllium.

Sand in gut was the first issue…

We know Slick is Cushings and older Cushings horses often develop abscesses and infections.  The vet thinks the awful smell in his mouth is a sinus infection from a tooth.  Whatever the bad smell is, it is unrelated to the sand in gut problem, but it happened suddenly at the same time.

He thinks Slick is losing weight because of the sand mostly and maybe due to the tooth – although Slick is eating vigorously.

Once the diarrhea has stopped and Slick gains some footing, we will look into his mouth and figure out what is going on visually or with Xrays.  From there we will decide what to do.

The next immediate step is to get a handle on his Cushings.  When he was younger, his Cushings didn’t seem to be an issue… but now, clearly, it is.


Tomorrow, he and Norma will be started on Prascend.  It is what they use now instead of Pergolide for Cushings.  The vet felt that since Slick is Cushings, his entire immune system is compromised.  When the immune system is compromised, infections and abscesses happen more often.

Since Norma had a horrible abscess last year, the bell inside my head rang.


They are both Cushings.  They are both older (19/20) and they have both been very sick recently (Norma last year and Slick now).

I decided to try the Prascend since clearly Cushings has been knocking at the door.

I am also aware of many natural supplements for Cushings and I will get some Heiro for Slick as I liked what it did for Norma.  I also have supplements from Omega Alpha that are used for regulating sugars for Cushings so I’ll start him on Adren-X.  I love all of the Omega Alpha products so I have high hopes for Adren-X.  (I originally had it for Norma.)

Once Slick is looking stable, I will have the vet and his Xray machine out to check his head for whatever is causing the bad smell.  I’d sure like it to be simple that would clear up with antibiotics.  The vet has already told me all about extracting teeth, etc.



For now, Slick is acting like himself.  He was banging on his gate when I just went to visit him.  He snaked his neck when he saw that I didn’t have any treats and then he head-butted me.

He is such a little criminal, thank Gawd he isn’t bigger…  ;)

I want to make him healthy so I have many more years of his pony-abuse!



This was Slick in the Spring – shedding.  Slick is a totally adorable criminal pony. He’s the kind of pony that would dump a kid in a heartbeat.  He’d destroy the barn looking for scraps to eat.  He is devilish but I love him!

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. -Trudy

    I just had a question about pergolide, why is everyone switching to Prascend? I have an ancient pony with cushings that I just aquired & was going to start her on Pergolide , If anyone can tell me why the switch , I’d appreciate it. Thanks

  2. MET

    I love hearing that Slick is head butting and hungry. And has a clean bum. Great news. :)

    My horse had some gum problems a few months before his Cushings diagnosis. The periodontal disease (pockets in the gums full of debris and infection) caused really bad breath. But they were fixable with advanced dentistry. Since he has been on Pergolide (more recently Prascend), his gums are fabulous – tight, no pockets, and no more bad breath.

  3. stephanie

    I also agree with the GMO’s being the largest problem in our pets food and ours.

  4. stephanie

    well a tooth can be taken care of and so can cushings, castle berry ground up and put in the equines feed has been know to reverse cushings. it can be found in health food stores. I have been through cushings and know many others that have been as well. It is not a old horse/pony/donkey disease any more it can show it’s ugly head as early as 10 yrs. please give the castle berry a try. it is supposed to shrink the tumor on the pituitary gland.

  5. Marge Mullen

    I hope it is only an infected tooth.

    We lost our Saddlebred mare when she was mis-diagnosed by our vet. She also had the foul smelling breathe.

    We took her to Tufts and found out she had cancer in her sinus cavity and it was to far gone.

    Cancer is becoming a huge problem in horses!

    I am beginning to think due to the GMO’s corn, soy and now alfalfa this is behind the problem.

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