Texting with Hubby as he horse sits for me…

First of all, I wanted to say that we raised $2390 in ONE DAY yesterday for Lucky!


Feel good about yourselves!  All the good will, thoughts and donations have really boosted the moral around SEAL tonight!  They went from a Rescue that was digging deep to give this filly a chance – to a Rescue with arms around them.


I will keep you posted on Lucky’s transportation and surgery!  I received this email from SEAL early today when the Bucket Fund had just started …

We bought her padding for the trailer yesterday so she will be warm with a blanket, padding on the bottom and all the sides will be padded as well. I can’t thank you and the supporters enough!

Here we go, Lucky Filly, here we go!!


I am out of town right now (which is why many of your donations were not acknowledged promptly today – sorry).

So, Hubby had to take care of the ranch.

The only problem was that Slick, the pony, had to be started on antibiotic powder this afternoon.

Heh Heh

Hubby said that would be no problem…

HehHehehheee snigger heehehheheehhshahhha. humphm.

Hubby doesn’t know Slick…

Or, he didn’t…

Here is our exchange:  (Nomar is my very large and very old Mastiff… )






Me:Me  H:H:Me:H:


Slick:  1

Hubby:  0

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Arliss

    “This time he ran away from me” — ROFL!

    I hope Nomar eats OK and that Slick finally takes his medicine. Sending good thoughts.

    So wonderful about Lucky Filly!! What a great group you have here!!

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