I’m sure you cannot forget this photo of our May Bucket Fund Story linked here.  Chatterbox is a very rare stallion of the almost extinct Fells Pony.  His malnutrition was complicated by a Vitamin E issue.  Either he has difficulty metabolizing it or he wasn’t ingesting enough.  No one is sure quite yet… Chatterbox is receiving very specialized E supplements, and he is improving, but it will take time to understand his true condition.

His skinny buddy, the Gypsy Vanner named “Blue” is doing great!

Chatterbox during his first days rescued at Strawberry Mountain Mustangs.


Lots of specialized vitamin E supplements and good, great food.  Thank you, Strawberry Mountain Mustangs for your excellent work here!  Hopefully, this rare boy will recover fully – or at least his feeding requirements understood – and Blue is already on his way to a full recovery!

Dozing in the sun.

Chatterbox is still not ‘right’ but he is much better. He still shows signs of ataxia.  The mystery of the Vitamin E deficiency will take more time for conclusions.

Blue is looking great!


Here is a note from Darla at Strawberry Mountain Mustangs:

Both boys just had a long massage. Blue is super sensitive, but has (obviously) more muscle mass. Chatters has very little muscle tone but was craving hard pressure, that is, once he got over his tantrum of being haltered at all. Interesting noting the difference in the two.

Blue had a very tense and sore neck, Chatters had soreness in his hind end and hips.

Of course Blue followed the therapist around afterwards begging for more. He craves any kind of touch and attention.

They’re out now eating lush green grass.

This is Chatterbox receiving bodywork on his rump.

If you’d like to help with Chatterbox’s recovery, thank you very much.

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