My new HAY CROP!

A while back, when we first moved here right after Slick passed away, poor Dodger fell ill with pneumonia.  He was really downtrodden and sick – and heartbroken.

Because we had no facilities, yet, for a sick horse here, I opened my trailer and put panels around it.  Well, he wouldn’t use the trailer except to put his head inside, so I put the hay inside of the trailer – so he would keep his head and chest dry.  Most of his hay, he pulled out and onto the ground – and scattered it as he moved about.

This was during winter; it rained a lot.

Now… I have A HAY CROP growing inside Dodger’s area.  Dodger isn’t in there any more, so I am able to harvest at will.

Annie is LOVING this personal chef touch.  She watches me pull up the various types of grasses and then drools until I feed her.   (I think most of the growth is from what they call ‘forage’ around here – which is 5 grain hay.)

I hold the tufts of grass, she grabs and pulls off her bite, I discard the roots.

Annie loves this game!  Eating while getting a human to do your work!  Very good indeed!

It was tough to hold the camera and feed her. But suffice it to say that she was eager. You can see the root on the ground there. I hold, she bites off the good parts. Discard.

Here is my crop. I have counted 5 different types of grass here.

The crop is scatter around Dodger’s old sick bay.

It is thickest around the trailer. Makes sense. I had the food inside the trailer…


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  1. Jan Hoole

    Looks like you’ve oats, barley and rye there at least, Diane. More of a grain crop than hay, so no wonder Annie loves it!

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