Remember, on May 1st, I had posted this pic.

Eggs! I finally got my ladder and climbed up to take this photo. I have never seen the Mom that is sitting on these. I just hear her fly off whenever I open the sliding door to my office. I sure hope these hatch!!

It is funny… you’d think that with my previous country residences, I would have noticed a robin’s nest before.  But, I hadn’t.  I guess my other residences had so many trees, the mama robin’s didn’t have to build a nest on top of a drainpipe.  Here, they do.  (Not enough trees.)

Anyway, this nest was outside my office.  The mama bird would fly off every time I went outside, so I had to sneak up on her to see her – which I did.

OK, fast forward a week… when I came back from my first trip to LA on May 10, I put my ladder up against the wall and peered into the nest.

What I saw shocked me.  There were 5, not moving, prehistoric looking mostly hairless tiny dinosaur looking things.  One lifted his tiny head slightly in my direction.

I thought they were all doomed.  Mama was nowhere in sight.  I figured she had died and left these poor, sickly creatures.  I was so sad – thinking they were dying little things without a mother… I didn’t have the heart to take a photo.

I grabbed this photo from Google.  They looked like this on May 10th:

They looked dead to me… I thought their Mama had died and left these miserable little dinosaur remnants. I didn’t take a photo because I was so sad.  I grabbed this pic off of the internet.

But then, after my last trip to LA on May 18th, I came home to these bad boys!  At first, I looked at the nest and saw their heads duck down.  So I knew someone was in there.  I grabbed my ladder and THERE THEY WERE.  The nest had 5 little birds crammed in there, all on top of each other and spilling over the edges of the nest.  And – the nest was filthy.  All I could think about was how hard that Mama had worked to get these 5 babies fed and ready to go.

And as I stood there, one of the babies flew off!

I had heard that babies couldn’t fly right away.  I read that they fall down and walk around the ground for a few days until they figure out how to fly.  Well, this guy FLEW.  I’m thinking he was a millennial bird who just wouldn’t leave the nest on time.  Not sure.

Here is a photo I took of  him right before he flew away!  I was so shocked that he flew away, I jumped off of my ladder and left, fearing I would prompt the others to leave too soon.

There were 5 of them stuffed into this nest! The big one in front flew away when I got too close! So I backed off to make sure I didn’t disrupt the others.

And today, the nest is empty…


So we all know that I’ve been very preoccupied lately, so I haven’t been trailering out.  Hence, a perfect spot for a nest!

Yup, I was walking over to groom Norma Jean and I heard a cacophony of little bird chirps.  Since I had recently learned this noise from the nest outside my office, I knew there were more baby birds nearby… I went on a little birdy hunt and found Mama, sitting on her nest, glaring at me.

I could see her and her nest very easily, but I didn’t want to disrupt her, so I backed off.

Yessir, I’ll be checking up on these babies, too!

Here is Mama, glaring at me.

And here is her nest placement. I know her babies are hatched because I heard them calling to her for food.

Slowly, we will bring this place back to life!

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