Today, I have to catch up on my cleaning… and spread shavings around.  It will be hot here.  I have all the fans going.  I think I will have a hose party with Finn today.  He LOVES the hose.


This cracked me up.

Gorgeous wild one.

I’m thinking young… a sweet young wild one


Look at those smiles!!!

That mane!

A curly wild one! Awwww.

Somewhere glorious in Italy.

Yes. I could live here.

From Alice Springs Kangaroo Sanctuary

Such a striking color pattern!

This is where I’ll be working! My new job! Covid took my old job… I started yesterday! A gorgeous place. 2000 acres. Well planned. Lovely.

They have guided rides there, but no private horses… I would give anything to ride there…

This is looking at the winery Tasting Room from the West side of Halter Ranch. I feel so blessed to be a part of this team. They do great work.


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