What is the best airbag vest for horse riders? I’m asking… I’ll add your comments to the follow up.

So I’m wondering about airbag vests for riding…  The kind used for eventing, jumping…

Many of the people who are on the HIP REPLACEMENT FOR HORSE PEOPLE FB page, discuss starting to ride again and wanting an airbag vest, for security.

Now, an airbag vest probably wouldn’t help your new hip… but I think the idea is that some people are less confident after a hip replacement.  These people want to ride, but they have a new device that they need to learn to balance and coordinate.  Hence, the vest idea if they fall.

I can totally understand this.  Not from the hip replacement part because mine feels like my natural hip, but from a lack of confidence part that happened when I am in a heavy Lyme cycle.  I lose my coordination and balance when I’m in a Lyme flare, and that ‘out of body’ experience is scary on a horse.

So, I’m asking… “What is the best airbag vest out there and why?”

I’ve seen this one and heard that it is the best, but I have no reference.

This is a Hit Air vest

AIR-VEST dot com.

Click to go to site.

I found this site, Air-Vest.com, and have read many reviews… but this is just one brand.  Nothing is as good as hearing first hand and comparing real-life experience.  So if you have information, please comment or email me.

Thank you!


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