I have a new job… I’m in training… LOOK! Halter Ranch.

I have a new job!

Covid took my last one…  but it is all fine because I was just hired at Halter Ranch.

I had put all of my efforts into finding a sweet job where “the view was incredible, family owned and where I was appreciated”.

So far, I have two out of three (not sure what it will be like to actually work since I’m still in training…) but it is family owned and it is very, very gorgeous.  So far, it has been a delight.

It is a beautiful, 2000 acre property. Most of it is dedicated to green space for the local flora and fauna.

They have guided rides there, but no personal horses can be ridden. (Booo hoo!)

This is the winery (production) and admin offices. The tasting room is over in the right corner. It is a gorgeous room with an exceptional view.

A BIT ABOUT THE OWNER – who is hands-on.

In 2018, the owner, Hansjorg Wyss, donated $1 Billion to the Wyss Campaign for Nature, aiming to conserve 30% of the worlds land and oceans by 2030

You can read about him on Wikipedia and also about his Wyss Foundation.

FOR ME, I’M EXHAUSTED from all of this learning!

Yup, my brain is tired.  Besides learning the history of the ranch, the wine-making processes and the new ways of doing things now Post Covid, I’m tired.  (smiley emoji)

So, you might not hear from me as steadily as before, but I’m here, gaining a new perspective from and beautiful vantage point!



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  1. Doris McQuiddy

    So happy for you on this new beginning in a beautiful place!

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