I took an all-day ride today here at the R Lazy S Ranch.

I like all-day rides for 2 reasons… The first being you usually get to go UP which reveals even more glorious views… and two… I like having free time with my horse.

You see, on the all-day rides at lunchtime, the Wranglers tie up the horses while we eat.  This is an opportune time to ease over to the trusty steed that has been hoisting me for days, and actually interface.

So, that is exactly what I did…  When the rest of the group was eating lunch, I grabbed my carrots, apple and handfuls of grass and headed over to sweet Dove.

Here I am, ready to depart on my all-day ride atop Dove.

Here I am, ready to depart on my all-day ride atop Dove.


At first, she didn’t know what to make of me coming over to hang with her.  She was dubious.

But, after she heard me bite into my apple and then hand over my bite to her, she was incredulous!

Dove:  For me?  Really?

Me:  Of course for you!  You are doing all the work!

Dove (smiling):  I love apple!

Me:  OK, have some more…

Dove (eyes wide):  REALLY?

Me:  Yes, really… this is all for you.

At this point, I pulled out all the stops.  We had carrots, apples and luscious grass.  Dove was so excited that her eyes actually started to awaken.

I walked away to get more grass and I could see that she quickly regrouped back to her old, “that was a fluke, humans don’t really hang with us” face.  But, as soon as I called to her on my way back, her ears pricked and she looked right at me.

Sweet Dove.... she was willing to engage.

Sweet Dove…. she was willing to engage.

She was in horsey heaven when I gave her treats...

She was in horsey heaven when I gave her treats…

Dove:  Are you coming back?

Me:  Yes!  I have more treats!

Dove (straining against her halter):  Really?  More TREATS?!

Me:  Yes.  And then I’m going to pet you – a lot.

Dove:  Pet me?

Me:  YES!

Dove (her eyes melting):  Wow… OK!

I petted and loved on Dove until she was willing to look me directly in the eyes.  We also played the ‘rip the grass from my hand’ game.  What was sad to me was that someone had taught her this game (where they bite down on the grass you give them and they rip off the good part while you keep the dirty roots).  She was a girl who had previously had a human who fed her sweet grass and held onto the roots for her so she wouldn’t have to eat the dirty parts…

Dove is a dream girl.  She goes up hill safely and down hill even more carefully.  She has a wonderful trot (I can sit it easily) and she obeys any speed limit.  The girl doesn’t spook in a crazy way – just a jump and freeze in place.  And, she’s alert, always checking out possible trails and possible bears.

If I could bring her home, I would.

But, these kinds of UBER string horses are not sold easily…

Tomorrow I will again bring her special treats.  I want her to feel appreciated and part of our team.

Got any more?!

Got any more?!

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 5.48.55 PM

A satisfied girl… full of treats.


Today we rode to an old ranch that is now part of the Park Service.  It was called Sky Ranch.

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 5.46.50 PM

The weather was gorgeous… perfect. We rode to abandoned ranches that are now part of the Park Service

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 5.47.23 PM

We had lunch on the porch of what was once the Sky Ranch.

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 5.47.48 PM

This was my view from the porch of the Sky Ranch looking out over what was once their land…


This photo is of Marvin… he is a Haflinger who didn’t have any guest to ride him so he was in the pen, messing around.  As you can see, Marvin was just about to grab Kelly’s phone from his pants pocket (Kelly owns the R Lazy S Ranch).

Here is Marvin, the Haflinger, grabbing after Kelly's phone!

Here is Marvin, the Haflinger, grabbing after Kelly’s phone!



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