January’s Bucket Fund Receipt, an UPDATE ON BODHI and an ATTA BOY!

Last month our Bucket Fund recipient was Harley, the skinny draft horse who needed eye surgery.

You wonderful readers came through again to donate a bit over what he needed for surgery – which was wonderful as it helped with his aftercare.  All the good thoughts, forwards and donations were such a lovely human gift to start the year.  Yay!

Harley is doing very well and Dr. Ryan said the eye looks healthy and cancer-free!  I will keep you updated.

*Theresa continues to try to get the buddy from the farmer.  So far, no luck.  But, I will let you know if she is successful.

Our January Bucket Fund receipt for Harley!


A photo taken today of Harley... he looks GREAT! Thanks to BHFER and all his supporters, he will have a wonderful new life.



Some of you have been asking for an update on Hubby’s draft cross, Bodhi, who we leased to family friends several months ago…

He’s doing great!

Initially, Bodhi was to be partnered with the tall and growing boyman of the family.  Well, Bodhi is so well loved, he has been partnered with the entire clan!

Yup, the smallish girl rides him English, the larger boyman rides him Western and the Dad just rides him any way he wants.


I asked for pics today and Mom sent several (How fortunate that they happened to be gearing up for a lesson when my email came through to them!).

Unfortunately, the boyman was not available today so he is absent from the photos of this morning’s lesson.

Here you go!   Fresh of the presses photos of BODHI!


Ahhh... a 12 year-old and her horse, riding bareback. Perfect. (Bodhi and smallergirl)


Smaller girl loving on Bodhi before her ride.... (in sunny San Diego)

Bridling (she's standing on a box...)




Trotting like a good boy...


A little movie of their trot together... (Mom was VERY helpful today in journaling their lesson!)


Proud Papa rides Bodhi whenever he can... nice.



Thank yous to ALL OF YOU for helping with our new February Bucket Fund “The Many” drive which started yesterday.  Already (as I write this) we are over a quarter of the way there!  Wahoo!!  What a way to take a horrible situation and shine a loving light upon it.

Everyone handling and caring for the horses is very enthused by your support and overwhelmed with gratitude, as am I.

Atta Boys all around!

To read the story, click here.  To donate, click the photo below.

Click image to read about THE MANY...


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Rox

    Comment and question:
    Comment – I sure wish I could adopt Harley as I have such a soft spot for drafts but unfortunately I’m so far away that the shipping would be prohibitive for me at least right now.

    Question for you: I seem to recall in your former posts that your farrier does natural balance trims on your horses? My farrier of almost a decade retired and turned the work over to someone new and supposedly she is doing natural balance trims on my four horses but on three of them she’s leaving so much sole that they are walking on sole with the hoof wall trimmed shorter and the three are so ouchy that even grass pasture turnout is hard for them. I tried to ask about this when I saw it but this farrier is really touchy and defensive. I’m trying to find another farrier who can take on a new customer but in the meantime am trying to learn about this natural balance thing. I thought that the properly balanced hoof had the frog and walls striking the ground, not the sole left convex to hit the ground first. Could you share what your experience with this is if appropriate many thanks

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